The use of the colour black as most of the background suggests t...
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Narc poster

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Narc poster

  • 1. The use of the colour black as most of the background suggests that it is a dark film and that in some way death is involved. The colour black might be used as one of the main colours on my poster as it isThe use of the white light threatening and it shows that somefading into a slight dark characters may have some deep secrets.mustard colour suggeststhat the two people mightbe hiding somethingimportant and trying to runaway from the world as theydo not want their secrets tobe exposed, this could beimplied by the three colourscontrasting white to We are only shown themustard to black. Black face of this charactershowing that they want to which could mean that hedisappear. plays an important part in the film but only for a little while. He is wearing a hat which could show that he is not important as the man in front of him because the man in front is wearing a suit and the man behind him is wearing a casual jacket. The poster shows two guys, one in front and one behind. Standing in front of the other guy gives him more importance and authority as he may be a The title of the film ‘Narc’ is written in main character in the storyline, however the image capitals and in white, this makes it stand out shows his eyes are looking down which could mean from the rest of the poster and tells the that he may be guilty of something and wants to audience that it is the name of the film. reveal to everyone what he has done but at the However, it does not give a specific date of same time wants to hide it from everyone too. He is when it will be released which makes the also dressed in black which means he has a lot of audience more eager to want to watch it. authority in the film and is one of the important characters.

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