ZEETEX Steals the Show at Automechanika Dubai
June 7th
, 2015
Dubai, U.A.E – Beinga regularexhibitoratAutomechanikaDubai,Z...
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Zeetex steals the show at Automechanika

Dubai, U.A.E – Being a regular exhibitor at Automechanika Dubai, ZAFCO took the honor of presenting 5 brands from its portfolio to thousands of visitors coming from different parts of the world, especially Africa and Middle East. Having one of the most sublime booths in the exhibition hall, ZAFCO put in limelight, its own brand ZEETEX where the stand seemed to be a complete solution for the visitors and potential customers as they could find both PCR and TBR tire categories. ZEETEX Batteries and Lubricants were an addition to the product display this year, where it was complementing the overall offerings of ZEETEX under one umbrella.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. ZEETEX Steals the Show at Automechanika Dubai June 7th , 2015 Dubai, U.A.E – Beinga regularexhibitoratAutomechanikaDubai,ZAFCO tookthe honorof presenting5 brandsfrom itsportfolio tothousandsof visitorscomingfromdifferentpartsof the world,especially Africaand Middle East. Havingone of the mostsublime boothsinthe exhibitionhall,ZAFCOputinlimelight,itsownbrand ZEETEX where the standseemedtobe a complete solutionforthe visitorsandpotential customersas theycouldfindbothPCR andTBR tire categories. ZEETEX BatteriesandLubricantswere an additiontothe productdisplay thisyear,where itwas complementingthe overall offeringsof ZEETEXunderone umbrella. Apart fromthe product offerings,ZAFCOmade sure toentertainthe visitorsinanexcitingwayby introducingNetthe Ball activity andtheirpersonal photoshoot. The contestantsof Netthe Ball activity had to netthe football inthe tire basketand the winners were rewardedwiththe footballs. Automechanikawassurelyasuccessful one forZAFCO asthe footfall atthe boothwassubstantial enoughtogenerate considerable numberof leads fromseveral countries.Inaddition,Automechanika AcademysessionorganizedbyBusinessGuide AfricafacilitatedZAFCOinpromotingitsofferingstothe potential customers fromAfrica. “Just like lastyear,ZAFCOteamismakingsure to make the mostout of those leadsand expandthe businessbybuildinglong-termrelationshipsbecause‘GrowingTogether’iswhatZAFCObelievesin”, saysMr. RaghavendraSanga– Headof ProductCommunication&Marketingat ZAFCO. For existingandpotential customers,ZAFCOarrangedalavishGalaDinnerat iconicArmani Hotel,Burj KhalifaDubai onJune 3rd 2015. The attendeeswereenlightened onhow ZAFCOisa one-stopsolutionfor themand howtheycan benefitfromZAFCO.Lateron,the attendeeswere engagedinafascinating Drum Activity byDubai Drums entertainer,whichwas followedbyalavishbuffetdinnerand photo session.