The first advert we looked at as a group was an informational advertisement for Nandos, the only
person who spoke seemed ...
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Nandos advertisement

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nandos advertisement

  • 1. The first advert we looked at as a group was an informational advertisement for Nandos, the only person who spoke seemed like a Mexican little dwarf and I say dwarf because in my head I can imagine him to look like a puppet with a sombrero on his head with a big bushy moustache and dancing around. The advert makes me feel joyful because of the jokey tone of language that was used and the slogan that he constantly used ‘it’s okay!’ where he means, it’s okay if you have a mono-brow or facial hair like his sister or you don’t like chicken or you’re such and such, it’s okay for you to go and eat there because they offer different things and they also don’t care what you look like, which I think is a good message to get across because most of us may know Nandos don’t care what you look like as long as they get paid but maybe people who have never been there before will feel relieved to hear that you don’t have to be a certain way because in very high class restaurants people who wear what they want will not be excepted as you have to dress formal and in a certain way. The advert has packed a lot of highlighted things in a limited amount of time and they try to meet all your needs, it makes you feel:  Comforted  Happy  Joyful  Fulfilled  Hungry And it also causes you to think ‘I fancy a Nandos!’ In the background they use music that I would put under the genre ‘Mexican’ and they also use one of them tiny guitars which gives me more of a reason to think the man is a small dwarf puppet because only a puppet could play an instrument that small. Overall I think this advertisement for the lovely Nandos restaurant is funny and it makes you see nandos in a bright funny light, it certainly changed my perspective on it because I just thought it was a bland chicken restaurant and I’ve never wanted to go but now I might give it a go instead of a miss! After reading the ‘Radio Copy Guidelines’ on the RACC website I came to find that this advert may be slightly offensive because of the use of a foreign accent and they used a Mexican accent whereas Nando’s is Portuguese, yet RACC say “A fine line can be drawn, for example, between the use of a foreign accent in a relevant manner and one which is being used to denigrate or mock. While the mere use of a foreign accent is not precluded in advertisements, it needs to be borne in mind that humour in advertisements does not necessarily get round the potential to offend.” So maybe they haven’t gotten around to offending people just yet but there’s no saying it won’t effect anyone, it will most definitely effect a lot of people. They have also said “When different nationalities or regional accents are used in advertisement scenarios, care is needed so as not to cause offence by negative stereotyping or by ridiculing the relevant country, region or racial group”.

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