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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. 015365 Revise Date: Jan. 29, 2009 Artist: DP Reason/Action: Pill changed to Shorewood standard magenta pill also shadow behind pill 30% 2613, revised art slug posted new pdf. Digital made change to their art file. INDY: Reference previous printed job A47635NC1 Revise Date: Jan. 20, 2009 Artist: DP and review for printing treatment. Instruct Digital Reason/Action: Cyan swatch removed from ink slugs no cyan in job, revised art slug posted new pdf. Digital made change to their art file. CLIENT NOTE REGARDING for file setup. Noting that UPC & 128 codes were GRAPHIC ELEMENTS: set by Perrigo check for bar width reduction forBlur behind “Omeprazole” foil stock. Replace if necessary. Art Number: A47635NC2_9882 Customer: PERRIGO “Delayed Release Tablets 20 mg” Art Work Date: JANUARY 29, 2009 “Treats Frequent Heartburn” Die Number: 070744Q1is 100-0% White Stock: S MET POLY Artist: DP BALCK MAGENTA 2613 320 185 122 WHITE 1 WHITE 1 Proofing: 1 KODAK-1 EPSON S S Q Q S S Plant: INDY122 arch drop shadow 50-0% K122 & 185 are made using Q-Colors DIGITEK: XPROOFING REQUIRED SDC Film No.: XXXXX INKS: Please XPROOF your film/file pdf SDC Work Date: XXXXXXXX Oper: XX to the client supplied pdf (301133-0C.pdf) XProofing: ❏OK Date: _____________by:_______ 872 =7 2613 320 W1 W2 Colors + Die Vinyl to ensure accuracy. Need confirmation of ❏ OK as is ❏ OK with AAs ❏ RESUBMIT Plant to check all UPC Codes/128 Codes/ITF Codes for scannibility and replace XPROOFING noted on epson proof. Signature:_____________________ Date_______ if necessary to assure that all codes scan. OWHITE INK

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