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Press release clip2box

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press release clip2box

  • 1. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------September 28, 2012.Available worldwide from today, clip2box is a Productivity App that helps iPad users save webclip or an entire web pageinto their Box account. This app has been developed by Wisdomleaf Technologies.Box is a prominent cloud storage provider offering 5GB to 50Gb free storage space.Features* Clip text, images and video from the web into Box account* BookMarklet feature enables easy clipping while using Safari browser* Save it as you like it: Webclips can be saved in the original HTML source format or as plain text* Folders can be created in Box account to organize webclips* Share saved clips with friends through emailFig 1: Select content to clip Fig2: Save it as you like it/Share clips Fig3: BookMarklet for Safariclip2box is refreshingly easy to use. Webclip or the entire web page can be saved from any browser.The BookMarklet feature enables easy clipping from Safari browser. Users can seamlessly switch between Safari andclip2box.clip2box is useful to Enterprise, Business and Personal users.With cloud storage support provided by Box, users can now access their clips anytime, anywhere.For further information on clip2box, please visit www.clip2box.comTo download the app, please visit Apple iTunes AppStore To schedule an interview, please write to supriya@wisdomleaf.comFollow clip2box on Facebook at facebook.com/clip2box

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