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Press release attini launches new version of attini social suite at share point conference

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press release attini launches new version of attini social suite at share point conference

  • 1. PRESS RELEASE Melbourne 30 September 2011Attini to launch new version of Attini Social Suite for SharePoint 2010 at theMicrosoft SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, CANew microblogging module added, making SharePoint even more socialAttini Software is launching the new version of their Social Suite for SharePoint next week inAnaheim California, rounding out the suite of social products with the inclusion of Attini Talkmicroblogging solution . It brings the best of Twitter and Facebook to SharePoint, enabling co-workers to quickly share short updates safely inside an organisations environment.. Attinibuilds on SharePoint Social platform to deliver a user-friendly suite that brings the best Socialinnovations happening on the Internet to your intranet.Founded in December 2009, the Attini Social Suite for SharePoint 2010 builds on the success of ansocial media platform for internal communications built for international organisations on SharePoint2007. Each of the individual products in the Attini Suite tune the key capabilities of sites like Twitter,Wordpress, YouTube, Facebook, Foursquare and more, to SharePoint and to the Enterprise.How does Attini Social Suite work?With an Enterprise Social Media platform like Attini Social Suite, co-workers can easily and quicklyupdate each other, connect, get help and share knowledge. Whether that is done via articles,documents, video, images, “likes” or updates like in Twitter and Facebook. Formal content likedocuments in the document management system and informal content like updates and blogs can besearched simultaneously.Communicating via social media tools can be much more effective than emailing, because sharinginformation via social media tools rely on the principle of following someone’s updates, instead ofsending them. Takes you from email spam to relevant information, you have asked for, and which can beread at a time that suits you.And with Attini you can make SharePoint intranet more user friendly as well, aligning with the user’sexpectations based on social media sites.Why is Attini better?Attini is a comprehensive enhancement to the SharePoint Social Platform, helping you meet theexpectations of an intranet audience that is demanding more from internal Knowledge Managementtools. It stops information leakage by providing a viable alternative to internet sites designed forconsumers. It’s cost effective, and supports your strategic decision to standardise on SharePoint forcollaboration, connecting colleagues and finding expertise.The Attini Social Suite is growing collection of complimentary products. It offers Attini Talk(microblogging), Attini Blogs, Attini Video, Attini Apps (app store for SharePoint), Attini Badges (drivesuser participation) and Attini News. It’s a native SharePoint product, suitable for organisations of all sizesThe only solution built completely using standard SharePoint Lists, we treat all information equally,making it easy to search, to mash-up and reducing the impact on governance, infrastructure and serveroperationsABOUT Attini SoftwareAttini Software is a software development company for SharePoint. They have offices in Pune, India andAmsterdam, Netherlands and Melbourne, Australia., www.zevenseas.comContact: Attini Software Amsterdam: Melbourne: Daniel McPherson Wilco Turnhout Andrew Fix

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