Natural Horsemanship - Have You Got What It Takes?
Traditional breakinginof horsesforcedthe horse intosubmittingtothe hand...
Whichevermeansyoudecide tolearnyoushouldalsoconsiderhow involvedyouwouldlike toget.If
youare traininghorsestosell themonan...
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Natural Horsemanship Have You Got What it Takes

RJ Sadowski is more than a Horse Whisperer. He is a true teacher of great Horsemanship and has been helping people and horses for 30 years. He was one of the first Official Trainers for the Mustang Heritage Foundation, is CHA Certified both English and Western, is a MA Licensed Riding Instructor and operates a Licensed Riding School.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Natural Horsemanship Have You Got What it Takes

  • 1. Natural Horsemanship - Have You Got What It Takes? Traditional breakinginof horsesforcedthe horse intosubmittingtothe handler.The horse'sspiritand essence were usuallybrokenandthe horse became aservanttoman. Natural Horsemanshipenrolls the horseswill.Thismethoddoesnotuse force todomesticate andtrainthe horse.The horse doesnot respondwithfightingandpanicagainstahumanhandler.Trustis the keyto horsemanship.Inthe days where the landswere openandfree,manhadto gainthe trustof a horse in the wildbefore he could everapproachhim.There were nofences,corralsor placestorestraina horse these shortcutshave placedmanin a dominantrole whichcanoftenleadtoabuse of a horse. The horse communicatesusingbodylanguage.Natural Horsemanshiptrainershave integratedthis communicationintotheirtrainingmethod.Byworkingwiththe horsesownlanguagetrainersare better equippedtounderstandandworkwiththe horse.Natural Horsemanshipisamethodof trainingthe horse that derivesitsmethodsfromthe horse.Bywatchingandobservingthe horse interacting naturallyinthe wild,humanshave beenable tolearnhow the horse communicates. Horsesare bigpowerful animals.Knowinganywaytowork inan effectivepositive mannercanhelp trainersimmensely.If atrainercan learnto communicate onthe horse'slevel the horse willrespond. Watchingthe horse for cuesand signshelpsthe trainertopace andknow whento move onto the next step.I have alwaystried togeta sense of a horse'smoodas an individualwhenIamworkingwiththem. I use a combinationof classictrainingmethodsandnatural horsemanship.There iscertainlymuchtobe saidabout respectingahorse andworkingwiththemasagainstthem. A trainerof Natural Horsemanshipwilltalktothe horse withuse of hisown bodyinthe way that horses understand.A trainerwill use specificeye communication,will know where andhow toplace hisbody so that the horse can understandwhatisbeingsaid. Natural Horsemanshipisbasedontrustand respect.Man aimsto become the horse'sleader.Inthe wildthe herdfollowsthe leaderanda trainer will developthe same bondthe horse haswitha herdleader.There are a numberof trainerswhohave developed theirowntake onthisand have become namesinthe Natural Horsemanshipcircle. If youare interestedinlearningthe techniquesandaimsyoucan do some on-lineresearchtofindatrainernear you.I honestlyfeelthathandsonlearningisessentialfor Natural Horsemanshipbecauseyouare learningbodylanguage.A horse couldlookatyouwitha subtlenessthatcouldnotbe detectedbya picture ina book.
  • 2. Whichevermeansyoudecide tolearnyoushouldalsoconsiderhow involvedyouwouldlike toget.If youare traininghorsestosell themonand make money,youshouldconsideryourtargetmarket.You certainlydonotwant to buildabeautiful relationshipontrustandrespectonlytohave anotherperson come alongand use aggressionbecause theyare notable tounderstandthe horse'swayof communication. Natural Horsemanshipcanbe integratedintoanymethodof training.If youare lookingtoachieve top performance fromyourhorse,youcertainlycanmake a significantdifference byusingnatural horsemanshiptechniques.Gotoa trainerto watch andlearn,workwithyour horse andsoon a wonderful relationshipwillunfold. RJ Sadowski ismore thana Horse Whisperer.He isa true teacherof greatHorsemanshipandhasbeen helpingpeople andhorsesfor 30 years.He wasone of the firstOfficial Trainersforthe MustangHeritage Foundation,isCHA CertifiedbothEnglishandWestern,isaMA LicensedRidingInstructorandoperates a LicensedRidingSchool.RJisa powerful resource forNew Englandhorse owners. If youwanttoknow more about natural horsemanshiptechniques visit