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Press release 1 v02

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press release 1 v02

  • 1. Open for private beta testing You have the passion and commitment, we provide you the proper tool Cebu, PH - April 27, 2010 – CareSharing announces the debut of its social-proactive care software. In the first week of May, Wakulu will be open for private beta testing. Users can now get a good glimpse of Wakulu Beta, as subscription is free for this version. Wakulu Beta offers an online tool for various types of coaches world-wide –a painless way to manage coaching programs to effectively promote human wellness. The Beta version is a chance to learn from the early users of the software. This way, Wakulu will be built to be a true coaching tool based on experienced coaches' feedback. As a background, Wakulu's first concept was to be an application that complements chronic disease treatment by providing a way for patients to have access to coaches that can help them improve their health. Seeing the positive impact of a supportive individual or community on a person's health and wellness, it was later perceived to have a potential for other types of coaching programs. Thus, Wakulu was opened to anybody who has the passion and commitment to mentor and provide support to those individuals needing guidance and encouragement on any aspect of their lives –relationships, career, health, etc. With people now more concerned with human wellness, there is a need for coaches to be more visible and available. Wakulu makes this possible. To participate in the Wakulu Beta testing, visit For inquiries and more information about Wakulu, contact the team via: Email: Twitter: Help Center: About CareSharing The CareSharing team behind the development of Wakulu has been involved in the medical field for four years now, as a provider of chronic disease management system for groups of medical doctors and staff in the Netherlands. It has always been in the CareSharing culture to provide solutions that add value and meaning to the lives of people. For more information about CareSharing, visit

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