Every hour, as many as 500,000 people are transported by Poma
installations. Poma brand chairlifts have graced the ski slo...
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Poma Handles Complex Large-Scale Projects with Video Collaboration

Poma, a French company which manufactures cable-driven lift systems wanted flexible, high-quality video collaboration for global teams to tackle complex, large scale projects with more agility and less time on the road. With Vidyo’s video collaboration platform being integrated, Poma reduced travel time and cost, enhanced collaboration for global teams and improved its overall projects workflow. More about Vidyo products: http://www.vidyo.com/products/
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Poma Handles Complex Large-Scale Projects with Video Collaboration

  • 1. Every hour, as many as 500,000 people are transported by Poma installations. Poma brand chairlifts have graced the ski slopes of the Olympic Games for more than 50 years. Today, Poma diversified cable-driven lift systems include gondola lifts in Vietnam and China, aerial tramways in the US and Egypt, and more. The company behind the brand is Pomagalski S.A., named after its founder Jean Pomagalski, who installed the first ski lift in 1936 in the Alpe d’Huez, France. Since then, the Poma Group has grown to 9 subsidiaries with 19 overseas offices, and completed more than 7,800 installations for prominent resorts, amusement parks and scenic locations as well as industrial and urban transportation systems. Challenge Provide flexible, high-quality video collaboration for global teams to tackle complex, large- scale projects with more agility and less time on the road. Solution VidyoRouter™ VidyoPortal™ VidyoRoom™ HD-220 VidyoRoom™ HD100 VidyoDesktop™ VidyoMobile™ VidyoGateway™ VidyoLines™ Key Results Case Study Valued in the millions of Euros, Poma’s large- scale lift systems transport passengers in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. The equipment is highly sophisticated in its design, engineering, packaging, delivery and field assembly. Moving from design through testing demands highly visual and intensive communication among global subsidiaries, suppliers and subcontractors — a business case well-suited to video-based communication. While Poma had existing video conferencing equipment, its use was limited because of constraints imposed by the underlying MCU- based technology. According to James Paradon, IT Manager for the Poma Group, “It offered telepresence quality but required dedicated hardware and networks, and fixed physical meeting rooms. There was no clear path to integrate with enterprise apps or modern endpoint devices. Video conferencing simply hadn’t been part of our everyday workflow.” “We are migrating to an SAP enterprise platform and adopting more agile business processes, and want to bring our European, North American and Asian operations closer together to work productively in this new environment. Our telecom service provider Nextvisio introduced us to Vidyo. We saw immediately how with Vidyo, we could bring video conferencing on board to improve collaboration and workflow cost- effectively across our global operations.” Poma Gives Complex Large-Scale Projects a Big Lift with Video Collaboration Gained flexibility to use any device over internet connections Enhanced workflow and collaboration for global teams Improved project oversight, reduced travel time and cost
  • 2. © 2012 Vidyo, Inc. All rights reserved. Vidyo and other trademarks used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vidyo, Inc. or their respective owners. Vidyo products are covered by one or more issued and/or pending US or foreign patents or patent applications. Visit www.vidyo.com/patent-notices for more information. CS-POMA-092012 www.vidyo.com Vidyo, Inc. (Corporate Headquarters) 433 Hackensack Ave., Hackensack, NJ 07601, USA Tel: 201.289.8597 Toll-free: 866.998.4396 Email: vidyoinfo@vidyo.com APAC apac@vidyo.com +852 3478 3870 EMEA emea@vidyo.com +33 (0) 488 718 823 INDIA india@vidyo.com +91 124 4111671 FOLLOW US According to Nextvisio Managing Director, Jean- Paul Salmon, “Poma needed a video conferencing solution that is easy to deploy and use, with reliable performance over an internet connection using various endpoint devices. We helped set up their Vidyo pilot deployment, and the team’s quick adoption and proficiency with VidyoConferencing™ led to its expanded use.” Nextvisio provided a hosted infrastructure, including VidyoRouter, VidyoPortal, and VidyoGateway for interoperability with Poma’s existing systems. They helped to set up Poma’s first VidyoRoom HD-220 system, after which Paradon’s team worked with Poma local offices to deploy VidyoRoom HD-220 and HD-100 systems in France, Italy, Canada and China. “The ability of our engineers to stay in touch without a heavy travel burden came at an important time when the SAP migration required a focused team effort,” said Paradon. As word spread through Poma, more users began asking for desktop video conferencing capability. The Vidyo pilot implementation was extended to 100 users via VidyoLine licensing and VidyoDesktop software clients on their laptop and desktop devices. Poma took advantage of Vidyo’s flexible content sharing options to review CAD schematics, project schedules and other business documents. Mobile VidyoConferencing Hits the Slopes “When our equipment arrives at a mountain top resort, our engineers, logistics experts, project managers and business executives begin a collaborative process that may last 6 months or a couple of years until the installation is complete,” said Paradon. “Assembly and testing processes take time, and Vidyo brings us much-needed visibility into these processes.” Paradon’s team is now ready to roll out the VidyoMobile app, giving field engineers the ability to communicate daily with headquarters and subsidiaries using smartphones or tablets and a wireless or 3G/4G internet connection. “We meet over Vidyo to see firsthand what our field engineers are describing about the installation, whether it’s the wiring and controls inside our electrical cabinets or the concrete and steel beams being installed on the slopes. We can hold regular project reviews or ad hoc meetings as easily as making a phone call. Using VidyoMobile, our maintenance team can give us a virtual tour of the installation so we can troubleshoot issues remotely, in real-time, and avoid project delays.” Building the World’s Tallest Wheel In 2013, Poma is set to deliver “The Las Vegas High Roller”, a 168m observation wheel equipped with 30 cabins each capable of carrying 40 passengers and featuring 8 flat screens and an iPod station. The US-based Leitner-Poma partnership is leading the project, and the Vidyo platform is supporting project team collaboration. “Vidyo allows our Colorado operations to be in constant contact with our European subsidiaries and suppliers. Technical and business teams meet face-to-face as often as needed to discuss contract details, project logistics and engineering plans. Heightened collaboration means the right people are involved in review and decision-making every step of the way.” “We have a track record of managing large-scale projects smoothly, on schedule and within budget. Our future success has a lot to do with our ability to collaborate effectively in a changing world, and Vidyo has the capabilities to help us get there.” “Users were impressed by the telepresence quality experience Vidyo delivers over a simple internet connection, without frozen or broken images.” Jean-Paul Salmon, Managing Director www.nextvisio-telecom.fr

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