Pool Extras Mean Greater Profits Don’t Leave Money on the Table www.SuperiorFauxPr...
Become An Authorized SFP Waterfall Dealer Today!People who see and feel SFP pool waterfalls in person and get to hear ther...
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Pool Extras Mean Greater Profits

Pool Extras Mean Greater Profits. Great Margins selling and installing pool waterfalls. SuperiorFauxProducts.com
Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Pool Extras Mean Greater Profits Don’t Leave Money on the Table www.SuperiorFauxProducts.comHow Good Are Your Field Sales People? If you are like the vast majority ofpool building companies, your sales people are leaving a lot of money on thetable. People who come to your business to see your display pools or inviteyour sales people into their homes are serious buyers who have alreadydecided to purchase a swimming pool.Your goal is not only to have them purchase that pool from you but to sell themthe “Extras” that mean more bottom-line profits. Your sales people offerupgraded pool lighting, pool heaters, pool cleaners, diving boards and slidingboards. But do they offer your customers awesome pool water features? Pool Waterfalls Become the Focal Point of Every PoolDo they get your potential buyers all excited when they first show them theirproperty site plan with the pool size and shape in that perfect location? Doesyour custom site plan show the “I’ve gotta have that” SFP pool waterfall? Dothey tell them that it’s much easier and less expensive to add that poolwaterfall now rather than trying to add it later? Do they tell them that an SFPpool waterfall will add years of enjoyment, increase the value of their propertyand that the minimal additional cost can be included in their pool loan. Whenthe “Extra” is a beautiful Superior Faux Products, Inc. Pool Waterfall, the added“WOW” factor both increases your profits and your referrals from theirneighbors and friends.Superior Faux Products, Inc. pool waterfalls look and feel just like real rock,range in price from under $350 to over $3,000, are lightweight, fast and easy toinstall and will provide years of enjoyment. Fantastic Marketing ConceptOur Pool Builders have had great success offering a “free” pool waterfall to allcustomers who purchase a new in-ground swimming pool. Last spring, wehad one pool builder who sold 35 in-ground pools his first month afteradvertising his “free” waterfall offer. Most customers upgraded to a muchlarger pool waterfall than the “free” one offered which resulted in even greaterprofits for the builder.
  • 2. Become An Authorized SFP Waterfall Dealer Today!People who see and feel SFP pool waterfalls in person and get to hear therelaxing sound of a running water feature want to buy them. There simply areno comparable products on the market today! Superior Faux Product’s, Inc. isseeking to expand its national and international network of authorized dealersand distributors. As someone in the pool industry connected to me onLinkedIn, we are offering an inexpensive way for you to become a dealer andadd profits to your company’s bottom-line. This limited time offer includesthree (3) of our top selling pool waterfalls, one (1) really cool SFP “RockCooler”, 25 Color Product Catalogs, CD Rom with product photos for use onyour website, flyers and advertisements and a certificate suitable for framing toshow your customers that you are an authorized dealer. Show these topselling running waterfalls on your display pools and we guarantee that yourcustomers will love them. Call today and be ready for spring. Phone: 856-853-0888 Summit Waterfall Small Polynesian Waterfall Niagara Waterfall Rock Cooler Special Introductory New Dealer Package Price: $2,999 plus S & H.

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