Барномиа Рушди Созмони Милали МуттахидUnited Nations Development ProgrammeThe National Stakeholder Workshop aimed to intro...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Барномиа Рушди Созмони Милали МуттахидUnited Nations Development ProgrammeThe National Stakeholder Workshop aimed to introduce the key findings on capacityassessment and awareness raising on climate change in TajikistanDushanbe, Tajikistan - January 27, 2012. On January 25 UNDP/WB project on “technicalassistance on institutional capacity assessment and awareness-raising on climate change inTajikistan” introduced project reports on capacity assessment and awareness raising in Tajikistanwith key findings and recommendations for Phase II of the project, to get stakeholders commentsand ways for improvement in the Serena Hotel Conference Hall. The main objective of theworkshop is to introduce the participants with the project’s key findings on capacity assessment andraising awareness on climate change in Tajikistan.More than 60 participants attended the workshop, including around 25 representatives of theParliament and GoT and academia, as well as participants of the MDBs and internationalorganizations, NGOs and mass media.Throughout of the workshop, the team presented the key findings of the project addressing thecapacity assessment on climate change and awareness raising and basic capacity building inTajikistan. Even though the country established the initial legal and normative base to act on climatechange, there are still gaps in implementation of policy and absence of the national climate changeadaptation strategy. On the other hand, there is a need to mainstream climate change into theexisting school and university curricula. Even though the results showed that the level of awarenessabout climate change is relatively high, there is still a need to identify key target groups of audience(policy makers, schoolchildren and universities, experts, vulnerable groups and general public) andprovide targeted messages based on media plan. At the same time, the capacity of the journalists totransfer the information to broader audience should be strengthened. Close coordination among keygovernmental and non-governmental agencies along with community-based organizations andinternational agents should be a priority in planning, implementation and monitoring of theactivities.At the end of the workshop, the participants agreed to provide the comments to the key findings ofthe project in written by the 3rd of February. It is expected that the final version of the report will beavailable by the end of February 2012.For more information about the project report, please, contact Zafar Mahmoudov, PPCR SecretariatCommunication Manager at: zafar.mahmoudov@ppcr.tj; and Nailya Mustaeva, UNDP ProgrammeAssociate at nailya.mustaeva@undp.org.

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