PHOTONIC Structured Water Recent breakthroughs in Bio-Photon Welcome to a New World
SOME OF THE Distilled and Reverse
The first maintenance free COUNTLESS BENEFIT...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. PHOTONIC Structured Water Recent breakthroughs in Bio-Photon Welcome to a New World Technology is astounding research life force energy research reveal physicists and opening up new of Water, Health and highly effective applications of Hydration Energy Dynamics. horizons in medical applications, animal husbandry and horticulture PHOTONIC Structured Water in across the globe. It is fast becoming a Agriculture, Livestock and proven Godsend and benefit to Poultry Production. Humanity the world over. PHOTONIC STRUCTURED WATER UNITS are Environmentally Friendly Solutions Guaranteed to Increase Hydration and Nutrient Absorption for People, Plants and Animals. Water is a key element of all life and our Structured Water Units Increase the Life Energy in Water which Guarantees Significant Improvement of Feed and Nutrient Conversion Ratios in Poultry and Livestock as well as Increase Nutrient Levels in Produce. For more information please call or see our websites and remember to use this priority COUPON CODE JR119101 for special dis- Installation of a Commercial Unit at counts and RISK FREE TRIAL OFFER. Raw Dairy in Arizona Explore the countless benefits possible for your Farm, Nursery, Commercial Jeffrey A. Riggins Productive Solutions Across Poultry or Livestock Operation that 001-210-386-4117 A Wide Range of will save you thousands of dollars and Agriculture, Poultry, Dairy significantly increase quality, yield and earnings each year. and Livestock Applications.
  • 2. SOME OF THE Distilled and Reverse The first maintenance free COUNTLESS BENEFITS Osmosis (RO) water has water technology to so little Bio-Photon Life  27% to 40% increase in bio-mass of Force Energy that they effectively raise the all crops. are functionally dead. Bio-Photon Life Force energy  Crops use 30% to 50% less water. Reverse Osmosis Water Sample of water, dramatically  Increase in nutrient content of seed crops and produce upwards of 500 Bio-Photon (life force) increasing Hydration and to 1200% Energy Emissions from raising the bio-availability  Crops withstand extremes in hot a single drop of fresh well water sample of nutrients from feed, soil and and freezing temperatures better. tested in (Taos NM) supplements while virtually  Dramatically improves hydration, Bio-Photon Energy Before Structuring oxygenation and improves energy. eliminating the need for  Significantly increases the antibiotics and steroids. PHOTONIC Structuring Bio-availability of nutrients. shows dramatic visual  Longer shelf life of agricultural evidence of the increase Just 1 of 1000’s of testimonials. Produce and cut flowers. in Bio-Photon Life  Decreases seed germination time. Force Energy.  Healthier livestock and poultry. 83% Increase in Bio-Photon Energy One of our clients observed an  Greatly improves aerobic bacterial immediate change in drinking activity and reduces septic odor. Still image photos from a Gas Discharge patterns. The herd (130 head) had been  Significantly reduces anaerobic Visualization (GDV) Bio-Electrograph and drinking around 1,800 gallons of water water studies by Clayton M. Nolte. This bacteria. technology allows one to observe and per day for several days. Consumption  Eliminates mineral deposits like capture real time images of the physical would spike to over 4,000 gallons for a calcium, iron & aragonite. energy emissions emanating from and number of days then return to the lower  Reduces bio-availability of organic matter including but not limited to level. After structuring devices were pollutants and toxins. individuals, plants and animals for analyses installed, water consumption leveled off  Increases the life span of water and comprehensive computerized modeling. to around 1,800 gallons each day. The valves, pipes, hot water heaters, Distilled and RO water are like most un- more serious issue of the cattle’s water swamp-coolers and humidifiers. structured water after being pumped long source, a nearby well, was believed distances. The natural energetics are lost, infested with a strain of Staphylococcus the water structure can no longer carry Free bacteria. Lab reports confirmed this ASK YOUR DEALER ABOUT Oxygen or maintain its Bio-Photon Energy. bacteria in the well water but found TRYING OUR UNITS RISK Water must have sufficient life force energy ZERO in the structured drinking water. FREE FOR 90 DAYS for proper hydration and to insure adequate bio-availability of essential nutrients.

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