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Pomo mark scheme

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Pomo mark scheme

  • 1. SECTIONB POMO MARKSCHEME Level 1 Level 4 Level 2 Level 3 Basic Proficient Minimal I incomplete Excellent EAA Explanation] analysislarguinent [0-7 marks) Explanation] analysislargument (8-11 marks) Explanation] analysis]argument [12-15 Explanation] analysislargurnent [16-20 £andidates offera response to the topic {andidates offera response to the topic area marks) marks) area, with alimiteddegreeofclarity. withlimitedabilityto adaptto the specific £andidates adapttheirlearning to the specific £ahdidates adapttheirleamingtothe Um "7 “W -Personal engagementwith the topic is requirements of the question. requirements of the question well in the specific requirements of the question in : ‘_: ';'; :"°” either absent or implicit and there may be -A partially coherent, basic argument is main. ' excellent fashion. A, ‘,, ,,, ,,, ., inaccuracy or a lack of conviction in presented in response to the question. -The answeroffers a sensible, mostly clear -The answer offers a clear, articulate Pgrsond presenting the response. b_aJan; _.e ofmedia theories and knowledge of balatrce of media theories, knowledge of Structure -The answer maybe incomplete and/ or lack industries and texts, with a proficient attempt texts and industries and personal Theories relevance. at personally engaging with issues and engagementwith issues and debates. debates. /zo Useof examg (16-20 marks) -Examples of texts, industries and theories are clearly connected together inthe answer, Use of examples [841 marks) -The answer offers some examples of theories, industry knowledge and/ or texts and/ or Useaf examues(12-15mants) -Examples of industries, texts and theories are connected together in places, and a clear Useof examg )0-7 marks) -A narrow range of examples related to texts, industries or audiences is offered. (unslls debates, with some basic evidence of an argument is proficiently developed in response with a coherent argument developed in Indumy attemptto connect to the question. response to the question. Am, ” theseelements. /20 1- Useoftenniiy (0-Smarks) Useoftermiiy )4-5 marks) Useafterminolggy (6-7marks) Useoftermigogy (G-10marks) -Contemporary media theory is either -Some of the material presented is informed -Material presented is mostly informed by -Throughout the answer, material presented 1 absent or evident to a minimal degree. by contemporary media theory, articulated contemporary media theory, described is informed by contemporary media theory 1:295 through a basic use of theoretical terms. through use of appropriate theoretical terms. and the command of the appropriate theoretical language is excellent. 10 -Complex issues have been expressed clearly and fluently using a style of writing appropriate to the complexsubject matter. -Sentences and paragraphs, consistently relevant, have been wellstnrctured, using app rjgtg technical terminology. -There may befew, ifany, errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar. -Somesimple ideas have been expressed in an appropriate context. -There are likely to be some errors of spelling punctuation and grammar of which some may be noticeable and intrusive. -Relcrtivelystruight forward ideas have been expressed withsome clarity and fluency. ~Arguments are generally relevant, though may stray from the point of the question. -There will be some errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar, but these are unlikely to be intrusive or obscure meaning. wriging -Some simple ideas have been expressed. -There will be some entrrs alspellmg, punctuation and grammar which will be noticeable and intrusive. -Writing may also lack legibility. (no mark)

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