Advanced Turbocharging and DownsizingBerlin, 22/02/2012 – Advanced turbochargers face the challenge of limiting emissionsw...
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Press Release Advanced Turbocharging

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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Advanced Turbocharging and DownsizingBerlin, 22/02/2012 – Advanced turbochargers face the challenge of limiting emissionswhile at the same time reducing costs – an effective way is the implementation of intelligentdownsizing and new turbocharging concepts for modern combustion engines. Meet a rangeof OEMs at IQPC’s 4th International Congress on Advanced Downsizing &Turbocharging Concepts, 26 – 28 March, 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany.The turbocharger is a highly complex product that is set to become widely used ingasoline engines. In order to limit emissions, but at the same time improve overallefficiency while reducing costs, designers of turbocharger are facing sophisticatedchallenges. This has meant that new charging and downsizing concepts arerequired. Find out at IQPC’s conference about future concepts for boosting smallgasoline engines and the potential of two stage turbocharging, as well asturbocharging systems in HEVs.Key topics include the following: Future development of downsizing and turbocharging: research on extreme downsizing, two-stage turbocharging or variable inlet guide vanes New downsizing concepts for diesel engines, e.g. pressure wave chargers Turbocharger materials, such as high-performance thermoplastics New charging concepts, such as fully electric turbocharging or SuperTurboChairman of the conference is Dr. Geoff Capon, Turbocharger Systems Specialist atFord. Other OEM’s presenting are Hyundai, Volvo, Fiat and Lotus. Use theopportunity to interact directly with the turbocharging experts at the Workshop Dayon Wednesday, March 28 2012 on topics such as Innovative turbocharging technologies (Nick Baines, Concepts NREC, UK) High performance materials for boosted engines New engine configurations enabled by a SuperTurbo (Ed VanDyne, VanDyne SuperTurbo Inc., USA) How much screw dose does a turbocharger need? (Eugen Perisutti, EJOT GmbH, Germany)Find out more at IQPC:IQPC offers customized conferences, major events, seminars, worldwide leadership training programs with up-to-date information concerning market trends, technological developments and the regulatory environment.Each year, IQPC offers more than 1.500 events worldwide.IQPC was founded in 1973 and has offices in major cities across six continents.Friedrichstr. 94, D-10117 Berlin, Germany | t: +49 (0) 30 2091 3330 | f: +49 (0) 30 2091 3263 |e: | w:

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