The concept of a Mediterranean restaurant can be a very difficult one to package and present to the public. After all, whe...
La Primavera
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La Primavera

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. The concept of a Mediterranean restaurant can be a very difficult one to package and present to the public. After all, where do you draw the line when you are trying to decide which countries will represent the region? Do you include North African or Middle Eastern countries or do you limit your selection to the European countries? Do you put more emphasis on seafood or try to balance the menu between seafood and meat and poultry? These questions and others make it difficult for a restaurateur to put together a cohesive concept that people can relate to easily.<br />The management at the Siam City Hotel have put together their version of what a Mediterranean restaurant should be at Primavera and we were pleasantly surprised by what we discovered there. Not knowing what to expect before arriving, because of the aforementioned variables affecting a Mediterranean restaurant, meant that we sat down with no preconceptions about the place. <br />The initial impression is formed by the soothing decor which features lots of marble and subtle earth tones creating a mellow atmosphere for dining. Our table was set with a small beaker of olive oil flavored with pistachios for bread dipping as well as three other dips - garlic, marinara and a tapenade made with olives and other ingredients. All three, along with the olive oil were delicious and we ate more than our normal allotment of bread as a result, something that rarely happens. <br />At lunch, which was when we ate, the restaurant offers a set Business luncheon that includes the antipasti appetizer buffet, soup a main course and des-sert with coffee or tea. It’s very reasonably priced considering the quality (375 baht++) and has proven to be quite popular with diners. We opted to order from the ala carte menu and included the antipasti buffet with our meal. These buffets are such good ideas it’s surprising that more restaurants don’t offer them. It gives diners the chance to try a lot more of what a restaurant has to offer and at the same time order main courses and soups and salads from the menu. <br />Our choices from the buffet included smoked salmon, curried potatoes, duck breast, and several cold salad ·items. The selection was not enormous but well-varied and of very good quality. It’s almost possible to make a meal just out of the buffet but we resisted the urge to visit again and instead enjoyed the cream of mushroom soup that was served to us. Thick and tasty, it was one of the best mushroom soups we’ve experienced in Bangkok. <br />The pasta and risotto dishes are served in two sizes, appetizer and main course, another good idea, and we opted to try the lobster-stuffed ravioli in a light cream sauce which proved to be a good choice. The fillings were flavorful, the raviolis were cooked just right and the sauce wasn’t too heavy or overpowering. Completely disregarding any thought of calories, we also ordered a fourth course, the best end of lamb prepared with Provencal bread crumbs and an olive and caper juice. It came with fresh al dente-cooked vegetables and the lamb was great. Juicy and tender, it was cooked a perfect medium as requested and the size of the chops was more than adequate. <br />What kind of Mediterranean restaurant is Primavera. Well, it’s good, if a bit basic. There’s nothing wrong with having a traditional menu with no surprises, though, as long as what is on the menu is done right. To give you some more examples of the restaurant’s direction, in the pasta/ risotto section you’ll find a green lasagna, a porcini mushroom risotto, and spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and basil among others. <br />The main courses include a moussaka, filet of sole with parmesan, chicken breast filled with lobster, steamed sea bass, osso buco and lobster thermidor. The menu, therefore leans almost exclusively towards the European countries bordering the Med, France, Italy, Greece and to a lesser extent Spain, and balances itself between seafood and meat and poultry. <br />The direction the restaurant has chosen to take makes it unique unto itself while still being able to lay claim to the Mediterranean tag. The questions first mentioned here have been resolved and quite successfully judging from our own experience here. <br />La Primevera, Siam City Hotel, 02-247-0123. <br /> <br />

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