TIM PARTICIPAÇÕES S.A. Announces its Consolidated
Results for the Third Quarter 2008
Message from Administration
We present hereunder our results for the third quarter of 2008. In this quarter, we can
Operational Performance
The Brazilian mobile market reported a strong quarter, closing the 3Q08 with
140.8 million lines...
Marketing Activities
In the third quarter we launched the offer ‘Bônus Tarifa Zero’ to post-paid segment
(following Fath...
Financial Performance
Selected financial data – Revenue 1
Interconnection revenues grew by 2.7% YoY and 4.4% QoQ to R$1,136 million. In this
quarter interconnecti...
Selected financial data – Operating Costs and Expenses 1
3Q08 3Q07 ...
Costs of good sold (mainly handset and modem) reached R$ 378 million in the 3Q08 or a
decrease of 10.1% from 3Q07, mainly ...
Third-quarter EBITDA (earnings before interests, taxes, depreciation and amortization)
totaled R$800 million, R$25...
Net Financial Result
Net financial expenses totaled R$118.4 million in the quarter, up 46.3% from the R$80.9
million in t...
Changing in Accounting Rule for Unclaimed Dividends
In 2008 fiscal year, company and its subsidiaries has decided to cha...
About TIM Participações S.A.
Through its subsidiaries, TIM Participações is Brazil’s largest
personal mobile telephony...
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Press Release 3 Q08
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Press Release 3 Q08

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release 3 Q08

  • 1. TIM PARTICIPAÇÕES S.A. Announces its Consolidated Results for the Third Quarter 2008 Rio de Janeiro, November 5th, 2008 – TIM Participações S.A. (BOVESPA: TCSL3 and TCSL4; and NYSE: TSU), the company which controls directly TIM BOVESPA1 Celular S.A. and indirectly TIM Nordeste S.A., announces its results for the third (lot = 1 share) quarter 2008 (3Q08). TIM Participações S.A. (“TIM Participações” or “TIM”) TCSL3: R$5.76 provides telecommunication services through its operator subsidiaries throughout TCSL4: R$3.15 Brazil. TIM was the first Brazilian mobile operator with a national presence and is NYSE1 the largest GSM operator in South America. The following financial and operating (1 ADR = 10 PN shares) information, except where otherwise indicated, is presented on a consolidated TSU: US$14.94 basis and in Brazilian Reais (R$), pursuant to Brazilian Corporate Law. All (1) Closing prices of November 4th, comparisons refer to the third quarter of 2007 (3Q07), except when otherwise 2008 indicated. 3Q08 Highlights 3Q08 Conference Call • Total subscriber base ended 3Q08 with 35.2 million users (20.7% growth YoY). At the end of September, TIM registered 25.0% of market share with an Conference Call in English: estimated revenues share equal to 28%; Nov 5th, 2008, at 11:00 AM Brasília time. (08:00 AM US ET) • TIM maintained ARPU stable at R$29.7 (vs. R$29.8 in 2Q08); Conference Call in Portuguese: • MOU increased to 101 min/month (vs. 94 in 3Q07 and 100 in 2Q08), fueled Nov 5th, 2008, at 12:30 PM Brasília by significant outgoing traffic growth; time. (09:30 AM US ET) • Net service revenue grew by 6.5% YoY and 3.2% QoQ to R$3,066 million; • Gross VAS revenues totaled R$403 million up 25.2% YoY and accounted for 10% of total gross service revenue (compared to 8% in 3Q07); • EBITDA totaled R$800 million to a margin of 23.8% up from 17.1% on reported 3Q07 and 22.2% adjusted 3Q07; For further information, please • Bad debt expenses returned to expected level (4.7% of the net service access the Company’s website: www.timpartri.com.br revenue). Total expenses amounted to R$143 million in 3Q08; • SAC reached R$110 in the 3Q08, a drop of 14% from the R$129 in 3Q07; • TIM ended 3Q08 with a net income of R$22.5 million; IR Contacts: • TIM generated a positive free cash flow of R$468 million in the quarter. Rogerio Tostes rtostes@timbrasil.com.br (55 21) 4009-3742 • CAPEX totaled R$511 million in 3Q08, representing 15% of net revenue; Fabio Levy • In September, TIM launched its fixed service under the brand name of TIM flcosta@timbrasil.com.br (55 21) 4009-3446 Fixo. Already available for over 300 cities in all Brazilian states. This was another important step toward our convergent strategy; Diego Aragão dmaragao@timbrasil.com.br (55 21) 4009-4017 Message from Management 1
  • 2. Message from Administration We present hereunder our results for the third quarter of 2008. In this quarter, we can notice that the action plan implemented in the first semester, start showing a positive results in this quarter. Bad debt provision returned to expected level (accounting for 4.7% of our total net service revenues), we improved the promotions dynamics (aiming a selective growth in our subscriber base), and we also noticed an improvement on cost management. In this quarter, we did not have relevant impact from telesales channel and from the “7 cents” promotion. Our operational indicators ARPU in R$29.7 and MOU in 101 minutes, remained solid and one of the best in class in Brazil, showing how selective and profitable has been our subscriber base growth, together with a restrict disconnection policy – for us, revenue share is the most important share indicator. Moreover, we maintain a strong position in the market mainly through the on-net tariff offers (fixed and wireless) and handset subsidies to post-paid segment. Today, our services portfolio is no longer purely mobile offer. We initiated in September 12th an important step toward our convergent and innovative strategy, by launching the product “TIM Fixo”. Now, our clients can already take the advantage of full telecommunication services (mobile, fixed and broadband) within the same company. We are confident that any telecom company which aims success can not prevent from convergent offers. Our value added services reached 10% of our total gross service revenues. We had an important regulatory issue this quarter, starting with the mobile and fixed number portability effectiveness and then with the preliminary approval of PGO by Anatel, which among other changes, granted the network unbundling. Our fixed service and mobile broadband are an alternative offer to the incumbent operators, especially after the network unbundling potential rule change. Now we can demonstrate that the convergent strategy initiated in 2007 is being worthwhile. Net income reached R$22.5 million, compared to a net loss of R$34.0 million in the second quarter. Also, we are presenting below a solid financial position, with gross debt of R$4.1 billion and a cash and cash equivalent position of R$1.4 billion. The net debt over 12 month trailing EBTIDA points to a comfortable ratio of 0.95x – already including 3G license. It is important to emphasize that approximately 24% of our total debt is denominated in foreign currency, and it is 100% protected against foreign currency fluctuation through swap instruments. Mario Cesar Pereira de Araujo 2
  • 3. Operational Performance The Brazilian mobile market reported a strong quarter, closing the 3Q08 with 140.8 million lines, 24.9% up from the 112.8 million registered in 3Q07. Penetration rate reached 73.2%, driven mostly by aggressive promotions in the pre-paid and post-paid segments, with high subsidies, outstanding SIM-card only sales and on-net call bonus. Year-to-date figures, Brazil has added 19.8 million of subscribers (or 54% higher than the same period of 2007). Total market net additions were 7.6 million in 3Q08 or 25% higher than the third quarter of 2007 (6.1 million). The result is explained by intense commercial activities from major players during 2008 and also by the success of naked SIM-card sale. TIM total subscriber base ended the quarter with 35.2 million clients, 20.7% up from 3Q07 and maintaining market share above 25.0% (drop of 0.9pp YoY), while the service revenues share, our primary focus, stood at the end of September in 28% (according internal estimates). The pre-paid segment reached 28.4 million (25.8% up from 3Q07) while the post-paid subscriber base stood at 6.8 million users in the quarter (3.5% up from 3Q07). As for the client mix, the post-paid accounted for 19.4% of total subscriber base (still above the 18.8% peer average). We further enhance focus on post-paid segment through a selective approach on acquisition with focus on value and quality. TIM added 1.4 million new clients in Q3, 17% lower than the same period of 2007 (1.7 million), with an 18% market share of net additions in the quarter. This performance reflects TIM’s conservative criteria in subsidy policy and rigid disconnection rule. Churn rate reached 9.4% in the quarter (up from 8.4% in 3Q07). 20.7% 20.7% 33.8 35.2 31.3 32.5 29.2 24.5 25.8 27.0 28.4 22.6 6.6 6,6 6.8 6,8 6.8 6,8 6.8 6,8 6.8 6,8 3Q07 4Q07 1Q08 2Q08 3Q08 25.9% Market Share 25.0% Pre -paid - Post -paid After the 3G launch through the brand name “TIM 3G+” in the 2Q08, we are already covering the main cities in Brazil. GSM coverage reached 93% of the country’s urban population, serving 2.8 thousand cities (8.9% higher than the 3Q07). GSM coverage counts with 100% of GPRS and 70% of EDGE. 3
  • 4. Marketing Activities In the third quarter we launched the offer ‘Bônus Tarifa Zero’ to post-paid segment (following Father’s day promotion). The promotion consisted in a free tariff for on-net local calls (from 60 minutes to 2.000 minutes according to the user’s plan). On top of that, clients might choose for free a new mobile handset from a large portfolio, depending on the plan. Still on Father’s day, TIM launched the promotion ‘Use e Ganhe’ for pre-paid segment. The offer consists in R$60.00 of bonus for on-net local calls for every R$6.00 used in local and long distance calls. TIM is still gearing its promotional strategy to stimulate customer’s recharges. In September, we set another milestone in Company’s convergence strategy: the fixed service under the brand name of ‘TIM Fixo’, already in more than 300 cities and covering all Brazilian states. The offer is R$29.90 and includes 250 minutes for F2F local, caller ID, voice mail, special tariff to TIM mobile users and other benefits such as receive SMS, conference and waiting calls. ‘TIM Fixo’ was an important step toward our convergent strategy that started back in 2006. Now we are an alternative player in the fixed environment, with a competitive price, an innovative solution and at a lower incremental cost. It is also important to mention that TIM Fixo has a key role in the fixed number portability roll-out phase. Regarding the broadband, ‘TIM Web’ enhanced the current offer as to address different customer’s needs (for example, new package with speed of 600Kbps). After pioneering the launch of the first notebook 100% connected in Brazil, through a partnership with HP, TIM announced another exclusive partnership with ASUS to offer the first “Netbook” in Brazil with mobile broadband through our USB modem. At the end of the second quarter, TIM launched another innovative service, under the brand name ‘TIM TV’, a mobile TV service that provides some of the majors media content channel such as MTV, CNN International, Discovery, Cartoon Network and others. The initially offer provides twelve TV channels contents, served through three airtime packages (30 min, 120 min and 1 day access). In terms of traditional VAS, in August, ‘TIM Torpedo’ promotion came back to enhance the SMS offer portfolio. The promotion consists in a package of R$3.99 for 50 SMS. All-in-all, TIM is focusing on simplicity and innovation to offer complete mobile communication solutions for a large variety of customer’s profiles. This strategy aims TIM to facilitate the client’s life, empower and add value to its brand and capture the market growth opportunities. 4
  • 5. Financial Performance Selected financial data – Revenue 1 3Q08 3Q07 % Y-o-Y 2Q08 % Q-o-Q R$ thousands Gross Revenues 4,680,558 4,436,365 5.5% 4,454,459 5.1% Telecommunications Services 4,170,502 3,937,156 5.9% 4,053,363 2.9% Usage and Monthly fee 2,094,482 2,025,237 3.4% 2,053,784 2.0% Long distance 513,158 461,317 11.2% 482,966 6.3% Interconnection 1,136,041 1,106,707 2.7% 1,088,339 4.4% Value added services - VAS 402,924 321,927 25.2% 397,054 1.5% Others 23,897 21,968 8.8% 31,220 -23.5% Handset sales 510,056 499,209 2.2% 401,096 27.2% Discounts and deductions (1,322,764) (1,272,978) 3.9% (1,268,384) 4.3% Taxes and discounts on services (1,104,757) (1,059,215) 4.3% (1,082,699) 2.0% Taxes and discounts on handset sales (218,007) (213,763) 2.0% (185,685) 17.4% Net Revenues 3,357,794 3,163,387 6.1% 3,186,075 5.4% Services 3,065,745 2,877,941 6.5% 2,970,664 3.2% Handset revenues 292,049 285,446 2.3% 215,411 35.6% Note: (1) Consolidated data Operating Revenues Total gross revenues reached R$4.68 billion, 5.5% up from 3Q07 and 5.1% up from 2Q08. The main highlights are presented as follow: Usage and Monthly fee revenues reached R$2,094 million. On a yearly basis, 3.4% growth was supported by subscriber base expansion and MOU performance, but partially Outgoing offset by the reduction in the monthly fee, post-paid mix decline, and more importantly by MOU rose 19% YoY the last trickle of seven cents promotion effects which completely expired by mid September. It is worth to mention that MOU in 3Q08 reached 101 min/month or 7.5% higher than the 94 min/month in 3Q07. TIM continues to use traffic promotion as a way to leverage outgoing usage pattern in the long term, as an example, outgoing MOU increased 19% compared to 3Q07. Long distance revenues reached R$513 million (11.2% YoY and 6,3% QoQ), mainly due to promotions targeting pre-paid segment that showed strong price/elasticity, impacting LD market share and higher traffic through the 41 code. 5
  • 6. Interconnection revenues grew by 2.7% YoY and 4.4% QoQ to R$1,136 million. In this quarter interconnection showed a recovery trend, mainly due to promotion adjustment. In 3Q08 we also had a positive impact due to VU-M adjustment in average of 2%, coupled with higher traffic volume. Incoming MOU remained flat QoQ and dropped 16% YoY. Gross interconnection revenue accounted for 24% of total gross revenue (and compared to 25% a year ago). VAS Revenue: Gross VAS revenues, which also includes data transmission, stood at R$403 million in the 10% of gross quarter. The year-over-year growth reached 25.2% and accounted for 10% of total gross service revenue service revenue (compared to 8% in the same period of last year). TIM maintained its VAS offers stimulating the usage, through attractive data package offers, complete smart-phones portfolio and extensive content partnerships. The 3G launching in the 2Q08 was a key tool to enhance our data offers, improving speed and quality to our broadband access. Quarterly performance of 1.5% growth can be explained by new SMS offers to further stimulate data traffic patterns. Innovative services (including broadband) accounted for 72% of total gross VAS revenue in the quarter, compared to 49% and 59% in the 3Q07 and 2Q08, respectively. The performance was largely impacted by our TIM Web offer, also leveraged by 3G speed and enlarging current offer. On a yearly basis, innovative service revenues grew by 83% YoY. Total net revenue reached R$3,358 million in the quarter which represented a growth of 6.1% and 5.4% compared with the 3Q07 and 2Q08, respectively. The growth was largely supported by local service, long distance and VAS services. Net handsets revenue amounted to R$292 million in the 3Q08, a small increase of 2.3% on year-over-year basis. In 3Q07 we had an extraordinary reduction in handset revenue of R$55 million, following receivables write-off. After adjusting for this one-time event, our net handset revenue would have decreased 14.1% on YoY basis (as a result of lower handset average price). Handset revenue rose significantly 35.6% QoQ, following handset volume sales increase of 21% QoQ and better portfolio mix – as a result of a targeted, more aggressive approach to handset sales in the post-paid segment (started in the Father’s Day campaign). SIM-Card only sales represent over 50% of total gross additions. ARPU stood TIM registered an average revenue per user (ARPU) of R$29.7 in the 3Q08, stable still compared with R$29.8 presented in the last quarter. Year-over-year drop of 13% is partially explained by the increase of 26% in the pre-paid segment (following market trend) and the post-paid mix drop. 6
  • 7. Selected financial data – Operating Costs and Expenses 1 3Q08 3Q07 % Y-o-Y 2Q08 % Q-o-Q R$ thousands Operating Expenses (2,557,960) (2,621,251) -2.4% (2,549,414) 0.3% Personnel expenses (152,654) (149,427) 2.2% (168,697) -9.5% Selling & marketing expenses (715,019) (674,699) 6.0% (665,621) 7.4% Network & interconnection (1,077,171) (996,524) 8.1% (1,072,570) 0.4% General & administrative (101,496) (102,812) -1.3% (107,984) -6.0% Cost Of Goods and Service (378,071) (420,674) -10.1% (324,831) 16.4% Bad Debt (143,251) (275,371) -48.0% (203,327) -29.5% Other operational revenues (expenses) 9,702 (1,744) -656.3% (6,384) -252.0% Note: (1) Consolidated data Operating Costs and Expenses Operating costs and expenses totaled R$2,558 million in 3Q08, a decrease of 2.4% on a yearly basis. The good cost control was backed by lower bad debt expenses, COGS and G&A, which offset selling expenses and network/interconnection cost increase. Personnel expenses totaled R$153 million in 3Q08, an increase of 2.2% compared to the 3Q07. As a percentage of net revenue, personnel expenses represented 4.5% in 3Q08. Selling expenses totaled R$715 million, 6.0% up when compared to 3Q07. The increase is explained by higher commission expenses from recharge (given that pre-paid base grew by 25.8% YoY), higher annual Fistel tax provision and higher outsourced expenses which are linked to a more intensive commercial activities in the period (gross adds was up 14% on YoY basis). Network and interconnection cost came in at R$1,077 million in 3Q08, flat when compared with the 2Q08 and 8.1% up from R$997 million posted in 3Q07. Yearly increase is mainly due to fixed network costs increase (leased lines, network maintenance and data transmition leveraged by 3G service). Interconnection cost remained flat YoY even though outgoing traffic volume increased by 45% YoY, showing a better traffic mix and largely concentrated in on-net traffic. General and administrative expenses (G&A) ended 3Q08 amounting to R$101 million, slightly decrease of 1.3% when compared to 3Q07 but a significant drop of 6.0% when compared to 2Q08. The quarter-over-quarter comparison was mainly due to lower third- party services (especially consulting) and others expenses related to administrative services. In the 3Q08, G&A expenses represented 3.0% of the total net revenue, compared with 3.4% in 2Q08 and 3.3% in 3Q07. 7
  • 8. Costs of good sold (mainly handset and modem) reached R$ 378 million in the 3Q08 or a decrease of 10.1% from 3Q07, mainly due to a lower handset average price (US$ depreciation and economy of scale) which partially offset the increase in handset sale volume. When compared to 2Q08, it registered an increase of 16.4% due to higher handset volume sales of 21% in the period. Quarterly increase reflects a more aggressive approach on handset, in order to enhance acquisition of post-paid segment and retention program nationwide, anticipating number portability introduction and new entrants launch. Bad debt expenses in this quarter returned to the expected level (or 4.7% of net service revenue), and without additional impact from the telesales channel. Total expense amounted to R$143 million in 3Q08 versus R$203 million in the 2Q08 and R$275 million in the 3Q07, which represented 6.8% and 9.6% of net service revenue, respectively. Worth mentioning that 3Q07 figures was impacted by an extraordinary write-off of receivables from handset sales (R$119 million were accounted under bad debt expenses at that time). Other net operating revenues totaled R$9.3 million in the 3Q08, versus R$2.2 million expenses in 3Q07, partially explained by higher fines and other operational revenue. Subscriber acquisition costs (SAC) reached R$110 in the 3Q08, a drop of 14% from the R$129 in 3Q07 mainly due to consistent segmented approach, with commission and subsidy based on profitability. It is important to mention that in the same period, TIM reported an increase of 14.4% in gross addition. SAC/ARPU ratio stood at 3.7 months in 3Q08 (vs. 3.8 in 3Q07 and below the 4.0 months in 2Q08). 8
  • 9. EBITDA Third-quarter EBITDA (earnings before interests, taxes, depreciation and amortization) totaled R$800 million, R$258 million above the 3Q07 (R$542 million) and R$163 million above the 2Q08 (R$637 million). • On yearly comparison, EBITDA gain was backed by strong top line (local, long distance and VAS) and cost control. In 3Q07, EBITDA were negatively impacted by extraordinary effect from handset receivables write-off of R$173 million. When adjusting 3Q07 EBITDA, year-over-year growth would have been 11.8% (R$715 million). • On quarterly basis, EBITDA gain can be explained by top line performance, bad debt recovery and fixed cost under control. EBITDA margin reached 23.8% in this quarter (6.7p.p. and 3.8p.p. up from 3Q07 and 2Q08 results respectively). When normalizing 3Q07, EBITDA margin in that quarter would have been 22.2% (or 1.6p.p. lower than 3Q08). EBITDA and EBITDA margin R$ Mn Additional bad debt impact 12% 800 715 697 630 ~60 ~173* ~95 535 637 542 3Q07 1Q08 2Q08 3Q08 Reported Margin 17.1% 17.9% 20.0% 23.8% Adj. Margin 22.2% 21.1% 21.9% 23.8% *Impact from write-off of receivables in 3Q07: R$119 Mn in bad debt and R$55 Mn in handset revenue Depreciation and Amortization Depreciation and amortization amounted to R$618.0 million, 8.6% higher than the R$569.3 million reported in the 3Q07. The increase is mainly explained by expansion of intangible assets such as IT (software) and 3G license. EBIT EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) totaled R$181.8 million in the 3Q08, compared with a negative operating result of R$27.1 million in 3Q07 and a positive EBIT of R$40.3 million in 2Q08, as consequence of the EBITDA margin recover. 9
  • 10. Net Financial Result Net financial expenses totaled R$118.4 million in the quarter, up 46.3% from the R$80.9 million in the 3Q07, impacted by higher interest expenses related to the NPV of 3G license acquisition (R$35.7 million in 3Q08 - which started to be accounted in the 2Q08). Income and Social Contribution Taxes Income and social contribution taxes are calculated based on the separate income of each subsidiary, adjusted by the additions and exclusions provided by tax law. In the 3Q08, income and social contribution taxes expenses totaled R$39.6 million. Net Income TIM ended the quarter with a net profit of R$22.5 million, recovering from a loss of R$126.9 million and R$34.1 million in the 3Q07 and 2Q08, respectively. CAPEX Investments totaled R$511 million in the third quarter, representing 15% of net revenue. R$417 million or 82% of total CAPEX came from IT and Network following our coverage expansion and 3G network deployment. Year-to-date CAPEX (including the 3G license) amounted in R$2.5 billion. In 3Q08 we started the project in Rio de Janeiro to implement a metropolitan network that will replace great volume from leased lines, following the 3G/HSPA entrance. Net financial position and free cash flow Gross debt amounted in R$4,105 million (of which 41% long term), stable when compared with 2Q08 and already including 3G license. Company’s debt is composed by long-term financing from BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank) and BNB (Banco do Nordeste do Brasil), as well as borrowings from other local financial institutions. Approximately 24% of our total debt is denominated in foreign currency, and it is 100% protected against foreign currency fluctuation through swap instruments. Cash and cash-equivalents reached R$1,363 million, mainly due to a positive net cash flow generated in the 3Q08 (R$468 million). Company’s net debt (gross debt less cash and cash-equivalents) totaled R$2,743 million, compared to R$3,210 million reported at the end of the 2Q08. Operating free cash flow was positive in R$633 million, backed by an EBITDA of R$800 million, positive working capital variation of R$344 million and Capex of R$511 million. Non- operating free cash flow in 3Q08 stood at negative R$165 million. TIM generated a positive free cash flow of R$468 million in the quarter. 10
  • 11. Changing in Accounting Rule for Unclaimed Dividends In 2008 fiscal year, company and its subsidiaries has decided to change the accounting treatment to unclaimed dividends by booking the unclaimed dividend directly in the shareholders’ equity, similar to a share contribution. This change has an objective to adequate the accounting rule to the best international accounting practice. No impact in 2008 fiscal year has occurred due to the aforementioned accounting change, given that such procedures took place on September 2008. Pro-forma impact on 2007 fiscal year resulted in a reduction of R$5.1 million in consolidate figures. Ownership Breakdown OWNERSHIP BREAKDOWN Common % Preferred % Total % TIM BRASIL SERVICOS E PARTICIPACOES S/A 649,205,378 81.32 987,987,984 63.93 1,637,193,362 69.85 OTHERS 149,145,599 18.68 557,487,576 36.07 706,633,175 30.15 TOTAL 798,350,977 100 1,545,475,560 100 2,343,826,537 100 Recent Events • TIM Fixo: On September 12th, we gave an important step heading to the convergent strategy with TIM Fixo launch. It is not only a way to capture additional sources of revenue but also fulfill customer’s total communication needs. We expect to be present at ~60% of Brazil population and following closely the number portability roll-out opportunities. • Implementation of metropolitan network: The project aimed to reduce the dependence of leased lines and support our traffic expansion, especially after the 3G/HSPA launch. It started in Rio de Janeiro mainly due to the high traffic demand expected and eased local infra-structure to pass optical fiber. • BNDES: During 3Q08, BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank) approved a credit line of R$1.5 billion to TIM, aiming the investment plan for 2008-2013 in network and information technology. 11
  • 12. About TIM Participações S.A. Through its subsidiaries, TIM Participações is Brazil’s largest personal mobile telephony operator, employing GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology. The Company operates under its subsidiaries, TIM Celular S.A. and TIM Nordeste S.A. Focused on sustainable and profitable growth, TIM concentrates its operations in higher-value customers in all of its business segments: prepaid, postpaid and corporate. Largest GSM mobile operator in Towards this aim, the Company has invested heavily in quality number of clients. enhancement and differentiating its products and services, The largest mobile data transmission while seeking to develop innovative and low-cost offerings. network. TIM Participações is controlled by TIM Brasil Serviços e Launch of 3G with no need to change the SIM Card or tariff plan. Participações S.A., a subsidiary of the Telecom Italia Group. Since the launch of its operations in Brazil, the Telecom Italia Launch of fixed service, through the Group has maintained a strong focus on its brand, which today brand name of ‘TIM Fixo’. enjoys nationwide recognition and is synonymous with A convergent company that provides: innovation and the first choice of customers, especially in the mobile, fixed and broadband services. corporate business. TIM Participações has the largest mobile data transmission network in Brazil, using GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution) technologies, which enable internet connections from any mobile device (laptops, personal digital assistants – PDAs, and mobile handsets) without requiring a modem, at any time and in any location covered by the Company’s GSM network. 3G come to enhance the data transmissions making possible the competition on the broadband market. TIM Participações´s shares are traded in São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa: TCSL3 and TCSL4) and in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: TSU). Disclaimer This document may contain forward-looking statements. Such statements are not statements of historical fact and reflect the beliefs and expectations of the Company's management. The words "anticipates”, "believes”, "estimates”, "expects”, "forecasts”, "plans”, "predicts”, "projects”, "targets" and similar words are intended to identify these statements, which necessarily involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties foreseen, or not, by the Company. Therefore, the Company’s future operating results may differ from current expectations and readers of this release should not base their assumptions exclusively on the information given herein. Forward-looking statements only reflect opinions on the date on which they are made and the Company is not obliged to update them in light of new information or future developments. 12
  • 13. Attachments EXOS Attachment 1: Balance Sheet (BR GAAP) Attachment 2: Income Statements (BR GAAP) Attachment 3: Cash Flow Statements (BR GAAP) Attachment 4: EBITDA Calculation Statement (BR GAAP) Attachment 5: Consolidated Operational Indicators Attachment 6: Glossary The Complete Financial Statements, including Explanatory Notes, are available at the Company’s Investor Relations Website: www.timpartri.com.br 13
  • 14. Attachment 1 TIM PARTICIPAÇÕES S.A. Balance Sheet (BR GAAP) (R$ Thousand) DESCRIPTION Sep/2008 Jun/2008 % ASSETS 15.171.455 14.887.678 1,9% CURRENT ASSETS 5.165.853 4.796.951 7,7% Cash and cash equivalents 1.334.437 853.912 56,3% Short-term investments 28.361 50.234 -43,5% Accounts receivable 2.649.900 2.687.491 -1,4% Inventories 334.441 257.021 30,1% Recoverable Taxes 495.852 507.182 -2,2% Deferred income and social contribution taxes - 4.204 - Prepaid expenses 297.550 398.554 -25,3% Other assets 25.312 38.353 -34,0% NONCURRENT 10.005.602 10.090.727 -0,8% Noncurrent assets Long-term investments 10.907 7.122 53,1% Recoverable Taxes 229.470 220.184 4,2% Judicial deposits 137.510 123.143 11,7% Prepaid expenses 11.409 9.085 25,6% Other assets 7.268 7.268 0,0% PERMANENT ASSETS Investments 3.942 4.357 -9,5% Property, plant and equipment 4.681.720 4.706.276 -0,5% Intangibles 4.764.834 4.844.205 -1,6% Deferred 158.542 169.087 -6,2% LIABILITIES 15.171.455 14.887.678 1,9% CURRENT LIABILITIES 5.340.102 5.073.519 5,3% Suppliers 2.109.642 1.922.331 9,7% Loans and financing 1.245.360 1.262.823 -1,4% Salaries and related charges 134.983 115.875 16,5% Taxes, charges and contributions 547.843 485.359 12,9% Authorizations payable 1.163.848 1.128.150 3,2% Dividends and interest on shareholders’ equity payable 22.097 31.880 -30,7% Other liabilities 116.329 127.101 -8,5% NONCURRENT LIABILITIES 2.190.692 2.205.670 -0,7% Loans and financing 1.696.227 1.723.483 -1,6% Provision for contingencies 258.638 251.883 2,7% Pension plan 7.377 7.377 0,0% Asset retirement obligations 207.781 202.258 2,7% Other liabilities 20.669 20.669 0,0% SHAREHOLDERS' EQUITY 7.640.661 7.608.489 0,4% Capital 7.613.610 7.613.610 0,0% Capital reserves 34.330 34.330 0,0% Income reserves 102.546 102.546 0,0% Retained earnings 2.986 - Net Profit (Loss) for the period (112.811) (141.997) -20,6% 14
  • 15. Attachment 2 TIM PARTICIPAÇÕES S.A. Income Statements (BR GAAP) (R$ Thousand) DESCRIPTION 3Q08 3Q07 % 9M08 9M07 % Gross Revenues 4.680.558 4.436.365 5,5% 13.353.931 12.547.209 6,4% Telecommunications Services 4.170.502 3.937.156 5,9% 12.120.913 11.199.039 8,2% Usage and Monthly fee 2.094.482 2.025.237 3,4% 6.100.314 5.609.665 8,7% Long distance 513.158 461.317 11,2% 1.485.454 1.367.788 8,6% Interconnection 1.136.041 1.106.707 2,7% 3.325.558 3.315.172 0,3% Value added services - VAS 402.924 321.927 25,2% 1.127.046 841.690 33,9% Others 23.897 21.968 8,8% 82.541 64.724 27,5% Handset sales 510.056 499.209 2,2% 1.233.018 1.348.170 -8,5% Discounts and deductions (1.322.764) (1.272.978) 3,9% (3.817.104) (3.481.081) 9,7% Taxes and discounts on services (1.104.757) (1.059.215) 4,3% (3.246.841) (2.877.700) 12,8% Taxes and discounts on handset sales (218.007) (213.763) 2,0% (570.263) (603.381) -5,5% Net Revenues 3.357.794 3.163.387 6,1% 9.536.827 9.066.128 5,2% Services 3.065.745 2.877.941 6,5% 8.874.072 8.321.339 6,6% Handset revenues 292.049 285.446 2,3% 662.755 744.789 -11,0% Operating Expenses (2.557.960) (2.621.251) -2,4% (7.564.968) (7.116.229) 6,3% Personnel expenses (152.654) (149.427) 2,2% (483.976) (458.231) 5,6% Selling & marketing expenses (715.019) (674.699) 6,0% (1.978.781) (1.865.121) 6,1% Network & interconnection (1.077.171) (996.524) 8,1% (3.194.288) (2.805.019) 13,9% General & administrative (101.496) (102.812) -1,3% (333.259) (323.385) 3,1% Cost Of Goods and Service (378.071) (420.674) -10,1% (966.137) (1.060.701) -8,9% Bad Debt (143.251) (275.371) -48,0% (618.279) (616.744) 0,2% Other operational revenues (expenses) 9.702 (1.744) - 9.752 12.972 -24,8% EBITDA 799.834 542.136 47,5% 1.971.859 1.949.899 1,1% EBITDA - Margin over total net revenues 23,8% 17,1% 6,7 p.p 20,7% 21,5% -0,8 p.p Depreciation & amortization (617.988) (569.252) 8,6% (1.786.360) (1.721.503) 3,8% Depreciation (335.624) (338.563) -0,9% (982.043) (1.051.396) -6,6% Amortization (282.364) (230.689) 22,4% (804.317) (670.107) 20,0% EBIT 181.846 (27.116) - 185.499 228.396 -18,8% EBIT - Margin over total net revenues 5,4% -0,9% 6,3 p.p 1,9% 2,5% -0,6 p.p Other non-operational revenues (expenses) (1.378) (10.931) -87,4% (3.445) (14.641) -76,5% Net Financial Results (118.360) (80.892) 46,3% (233.588) (225.610) 3,5% Financial expenses (208.219) (141.507) 47,1% (579.315) (356.151) 62,7% Financial income 89.859 60.615 48,2% 345.727 130.541 164,8% Income (loss) before taxes and Minorities 62.108 (118.939) - (51.534) (11.855) 334,7% Income tax and social contribution (39.579) (8.010) 394,1% (67.934) (100.577) -32,5% Net Income (Loss) 22.529 (126.949) - (119.468) (112.432) 6,3% 15
  • 16. Attachment 3 TIM PARTICIPAÇÕES S.A. Cash Flow Statements (BR GAAP) (R$ Thousand) 3Q08 3Q07 EBIT 181,846 (27,116) Depreciation and Amortization 617,988 569,252 Capital Expenditures (510,724) (344,492) Changes in Net Operating Working Capital 343,677 27,862 FREE OPERATING CASH FLOW 632,787 225,506 Income and Social Contribution Taxes (35,375) 4,603 Dividends and Interest on Own Capital (140) (204) Net Financial Income (118,360) (80,892) Other changes (11,238) 35,960 NET CASH FLOW 467,674 184,973 Attachment 4 TIM PARTICIPAÇÕES S.A. EBITDA (R$ Thousand) EBITDA Reconciliation 3Q08 3Q07 Net Profit (Loss) 22,529 (126,949) (+) Provision for Income Tax and Social Contribution (39,579) (8,010) (+/-) Non-Operational Results (1,378) (10,931) (+/-) Net Financial Results (118,360) (80,892) EBIT 181,846 (27,116) (+) Amortization and Depreciation (617,988) (569,252) EBITDA 799,834 542,136 16
  • 17. Attachment 5 TIM PARTICIPAÇÕES S.A. Consolidated Operational Indicators QoQ YoY 3Q08 2Q08 3Q07 % % Estimated Population in the Region (million) 192.4 191.8 189.8 0.3% 1.4% Municipalities Served - GSM 2,765 2,733 2,538 1.2% 8.9% Brazilian Wireless Subscriber Base (million) 140.8 133.2 112.8 5.7% 24.9% Estimated Total Penetration 73.2% 69.4% 59.4% 3.7 p.p. 13.8 p.p. Market Share 25.0% 25.4% 25.9% -0.5 p.p. -0.9 p.p. Total Lines 35,206,430 33,814,899 29,159,522 4.1% 20.7% Prepaid 28,386,108 26,993,482 22,570,834 5.2% 25.8% Postpaid 6,820,322 6,821,417 6,588,688 0.0% 3.5% Gross Additions 4,572,776 4,045,917 3,996,155 13.0% 14.4% Net Additions 1,391,531 1,281,900 1,681,220 8.6% -17.2% Churn 9.4% 8.4% 8.4% 0.9 p.p 1.0 p.p TOTAL ARPU R$29.7 R$29.8 R$34.0 -0.6% -12.7% TOTAL MOU 101 100 94 0.6% 7.4% Investment (R$ million) 510.7 1,706.3 344.5 -70.1% 48.3% Employees 10,173 10,253 9,854 -0.8% 3.2% Attachment 6 Glossary Financial Terms Operating indicators EBIT = Earnings before interest and tax Customers = Number of wireless lines in service EBITDA = Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and Gross additions = Total of customers acquired in the amortization period EBITDA Margin = EBITDA/ Net Operating Revenue Net additions = Gross Additions – number of customers CAPEX – (capital expenditure) capital investment disconnected Subsidy = (net revenue from goods – cost of sales + vendors Market share = Company ’s total number of customers / discounts) / gross additions number of customers in its operating area Net debt = gross debt – cash Marginal Market share = participation of estimated net PL – Shareholders ’ Equity additions in the operating area. Market penetration = Company ’s total number of customers + estimated number of customers of Technology and Services competitors / each 100 inhabitants in the Company ’s operating area TDMA = Time Division Multiple Access Churn rate = number of customers disconnected in the GSM = Global System for Mobile Communications – A system period storing and coding cell phone data, such as user calls and ARPU = Average Total Net Service Revenue per – data, enabling a user to be recognized anywhere in the per customers in the period country by the GSM network. The GSM is now the standard Blended ARPU = ARPU of the total customer base most used in the world. (contract + prepaid) EDGE = Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution – Contract ARPU = ARPU of contract service customers technique developed to increase the speed of data Prepaid ARPU = ARPU of prepaid service customers transmission via cell phone, creating a real broadband for MOU = minutes of use – monthly average. in minutes of handsets with the GSM technology. The first EDGE handsets traffic per customer = (Total number of outgoing minutes + available offer speeds that can reach up to 200 Kbps, incoming minutes) / monthly average of customers in the depending on the handset model. period SMS = Short Message Service – ability to send and receive Contract MOU = MOU of contract service customers alphanumerical messages. Prepaid MOU = MOU of prepaid service customers SAC = Customer acquisition cost = (marketing expenses + commission + Fistel + “ comodato ” + costs of retention) 17

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