Skolkovo Innovation CentreWith 3 Nobel Laureates, about 1,000 companies and start-ups,$2.9 billion budget,world-renowned s...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 2. Skolkovo Innovation CentreWith 3 Nobel Laureates, about 1,000 companies and start-ups,$2.9 billion budget,world-renowned scientists, the Skolkovo Inno-vation Centre is Russia’s largest supporter of innovation and a newglobal technology hub.The Skolkovo Foundation has an ambitious goal to turn cutting-edge re-search into commercially-viable products of global relevance by creating aunique global hub for innovation and an ecosystem of entrepreneurs andtalent.Our journey began in 2010, as Russia recog-nised the need to modernise its economy anddecrease its dependence on oil and gas. TheSkolkovo Innovation Centre is designed to meetthat challenge and realise the potential of Rus-sia’s extraordinary wealth of human capital, re-taining and attracting Russian and internationaltalent and building a knowledge economy that of-fers a long-lasting legacy to Russian citizens andthe world.Skolkovo is more than a science or technologypark: it is a full-fledged city that aspires to be anopen-source blueprint for future cities. We areapplying cutting-edge solutions in eco-efficiencyand urban design so as to ensure optimal con-ditions for research, business, work and relaxa-tion – all within an aesthetically appealing urbanenvironment.Every effort is being made to ensure its 30,000+residents’ well-being. The 400 hectare city willenjoy excellent transport and infrastructure facili-ties including a fast-rail links to downtown Mos-cow, a congress centre, schools, medical andrecreational facilities.Skoltech is organized as a permanent, modern,international university with a physical campusfor research and education in Skolkovo, Russia.Skoltech will initially have five primary educationand research programs, corresponding to pri-ority areas as defined by Russia: these will bePrograms in Information Science and Technol-ogy, Energy Science and Technology, Biomedi-cal Science and Technology, Space Science andTechnology, and civilian Nuclear Science andTechnology. Each of these Programs will pro-vide Master’s and Ph.D. degrees to be grantedby Skoltech.The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innova-tion (CEI) within Skoltech provides education,research, and administrative functions relatedto the practice of entrepreneurship and innova-tion, spanning across and coupled to the degree-granting Programs.Skolkovo Innovation CentreThe Skolkovo Innovation Centre forms the heartof the Skolkovo ecosystem. It is here that state-of-the-art facilities will be created to conduct ad-vanced research and development that trans-forms scientific results into commercially-viableproducts and services that compete on the glob-al marketplace.The Skolkovo Innovation Centre will be made of4 important components, each interacting withone another to boost and improve cooperationand networking: our 5 research clusters, a tech-nopark, a university and a new city.SkoltechThe Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technol-ogy (Skoltech) is a private graduate researchuniversity in Skolkovo, Russia, a suburb of Mos-cow. Established in 2011 in collaboration withMIT, Skoltech will educate global leaders in inno-vation, advance scientific knowledge, and fosternew technologies to address critical issues fac-ing Russia and the world. Applying internationalresearch and educational models, the universityintegrates the best Russian scientific traditionswith twenty-first century entrepreneurship andinnovation.Investor Relations & PartnersWe offer partners an outstanding concentrationof human, intellectual and financial capital withina fast-growing network of technology, financialand infrastructure partners.Some 35 multinational technology giants havealready recognised the benefits of partneringwith Skolkovo, and this long before comple-tion of physical city infrastructure. Agreementsinclude the creation of 20 corporate researchand development centres involving some 2400researchers and a total budget commitment of$820 million.The medium-term aim is that public/private fund-ing ratio will be 50/50. Already, some 57 venturefunds have agreed to $703 million of investmentinto Skolkovo participant companies. In a rapid-ly-expanding economy, Skolkovo also providesforeign partners with numerous benefits includ-ing attractive tax and legal status, privileged gov-ernment relations, and direct links to Russian re-search institutes and leading scientists.CitySkolkovo is a laboratory for future cities wherenew innovative solutions in energy efficiencyand urban development will be tested and imple-mented. Located in the outskirts of Moscow, our«Innovation City» is a one-of-a-kind model thatcombines environmentally-friendly infrastructurewith a design features intended to boost humancreativity.ClustersSkolkovo endeavours to discover solutions toreal-world challenges through five unique talent-driven “clusters” (IT, Biomedical, Energy, Nu-clear and Space & Telecommunications), eachalready active and headed by outstanding sci-entists. Entrepreneurs and scientists work side-by-side to develop creative ideas from researchto product development, from start-up to majorbusiness operation.About 1,000 companies focused on innovationhave joined these clusters after having beenrigorously screened through a competitive pro-cess calling upon our international panel of busi-ness and science review experts. A number ofthese companies have already benefitted fromresearch grants ranging between $50,000 and$10 million and this to the tune of $315 millionto date.TechnoparkThe Technopark will host world-class infrastruc-ture, resources and business support. It will pro-vide a full range of business services: incubation,intellectual property protection, investor relations,access to venture funds, acceleration, and muchmore besides.Our Technopark is fully integrated in the globalinnovation community, through membership ofTechnopark-Alliance.

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