The Many Faces of ImplantsSome people might not be aware just how many different kinds of implants are available totoday’s...
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The Many Faces of Implants

Chin and cheek implants
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. The Many Faces of ImplantsSome people might not be aware just how many different kinds of implants are available totoday’s modern cosmetic surgeon. We’ve all heard of breast implants, as they get by far thebiggest share of the press (both positive and negative), but what about other kinds of implants?For example, Dr. Naderi conducts a procedure known as chin implant surgery, which canimprove the appearance of a weak chin. This might seem to be a supremely luxurious form ofcosmetic surgery, but it is proving extremely popular. In fact, chin implant procedures grew bymore than “breast augmentation, Botox and liposuction combined” last year, according tostatistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).Proportionally smaller in popularity, but still growing, cheek implants are also proving popularwith both men and women. Many believe this is due in part to an increased use in technologiessuch as one-on-one video conferencing. In fact, the 2012 report by the ASPS identifies the twintrends of increased video technology and increased workplace competition as being responsiblefor the upward trend in facelifts, implants, and related surgical procedures. People just want tolook their best, for their career, as well as socially, and implants are part of achieving that formany.Implants are often used alongside other procedures, such as eyelid surgery and nose reshaping, toimprove the overall balance of the facial features and create better facial harmony. These areinvasive procedures, which may not be for everyone, but they carry a higher rate of success, bothfor the short and long-term results, over non- and minimally-invasive options like fillers.A skilled surgeon can analyze the structure and balance of your face to suggest procedures suchas cheek and chin implants. To learn more about facial implants and other plastic surgeryprocedure, contact the Naderi Center at 703-481-0002 in Virginia or 301-222-2020 in Marylandfor a consultation today.

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