Porsche Dealers Rave About the Panamera
The look of the Porsche Panamerais a fairly bold departure from the sleek, racy el...
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Porsche dealers rave about the panamera

The Porsche Panamera is a 4-door luxury sedan. It's available in several trims. Similarly, buyers can choose hybrid or diesel engines, as well as rear-wheel or all-wheel drive transmission.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Porsche Dealers Rave About the Panamera The look of the Porsche Panamerais a fairly bold departure from the sleek, racy elegance of the 911, especially in light of some recent cosmetic changes. A few trim details, such as the curve and sweep of the headlights, echo its sports car cousin, but all things considered this is a completely original vehicle from the ground up. The most obvious difference is the four doors, allowing room for 3 or 4 passengers to sit comfortably. The interior of the Panamera is where Porsche has really tried its hand at something new. Rather than the minimalism of the 911 or the Carrera, this 4-door Porsche features an enviable passenger compartment loaded with every possible amenity. Reviewers have praised the car for achieving an exceptional level of comfort without giving up acceleration or power. Despite its family car sensibility, the typical Porsche power and responsiveness are preserved in the Panamera. The supercharged Turbo S model, for instance, goes from 0 to 60 in a mere 3.8 seconds. Even the hybrid models have impressive horsepower numbers for the traditional gasoline components in their engines. Unlike its smaller counterparts, the Panamera has its engine mounted in the front, with options for rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. Critics and buyers have generally agreed that the Panamera is a smooth-handling vehicle with good weight balance. At almost 4,000 bounds, the base model definitely feels substantial out on the road. Naturally, every modern safety feature has been built into the Panamera, from curtain airbags to crumple zones. Perhaps not surprisingly, the United States has proven to be the healthiest market for the Porsche Panamera. Porsche dealershipsreport over 6,000 units sold so far. With so many new cars entering the market, used Porsche dealers are likely to see an influx of Panameras, if they haven't already. For those who don't have quite the disposable income to fork over for a new Porsche Panamera, certified pre-owned Porsche programs at many dealers can give buyers confidence in their purchase of a used vehicle. Porsche has every intention of continuing to innovate, while staying true to the principles that have made the German automaker an iconic sports car brand. The Panamera is just one more in a line of recent success stories that are introducing more and more consumers to Porsche.

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