Please visit our stand at the local Home Makers Expo, Coca Cola Dome, Northgate,
Gauteng, South Africa. 26 Feb – 1st March...
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Press Release Geco Lights

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release Geco Lights

  • 1. Please visit our stand at the local Home Makers Expo, Coca Cola Dome, Northgate, Gauteng, South Africa. 26 Feb – 1st March, Stand number K 26.Introducing GECO GLOW RINGS, launched recently at the WORLD ENERGY SUMMIT IN DUBAI, recognised by the United Nations, South African Inventor, Thabit Wright has been invited to share the stage with well known corporate at the next World Energy Summit. Background to the Invention. Why do we have to switch lights off? (A) So we can sleep and (B) To save electricity! Thomas Edison invented the light bulb 100 years ago, to switch on and off. Geco brings this ancient practise to an end using either the Geco Led down light or the Geco glow rings. Geco provides FREE, Secondary, soft, Instant BRIDGING light between bright light and absolute darkness, Night vision, every time the lights are switched off, a Secondary soft light that uses no electricity or batteries or solar – Great in Power failures, load shedding, Emergency reference beacon lighting especially in smoke and indoor fire areas. A sleep comfort light for children and great decorative lighting too! The current Geco Glow rings are designed to be used in all steel Led downlight holders, bedside lamps, chandeliers and tube lights, the same rings can be used in conjunction with most Led lights and light fittings that are currently on the market. In fact, any Led light that is currently on the market in South Africa can accommodate the current range of Geco Glow rings. No more fumbling in the dark for a candle or a torch or a trip to the generator to find that it did not switch on automatically because there is no diesel in the tank! Geco led or Geco Glow rings are guaranteed to turn on 100% of the time, every time the lights go out, without fail! Geco Led and Glow rings are guaranteed 100%, to turn on instantly, in less than 1 second, without fail! Give your workers, staff or family peace of mind, if existing back up emergency measures fail, there is one product that compliments all these measures and works well with or without them, back up on the back up, Geco Led and Geco Glow rings! How good are your lights every time they go off??

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