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To obtain the Medicare agency’s final, state-by-state enrollment data, log onto
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Press Release For Enrollment Numbers 6.14.06

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release For Enrollment Numbers 6.14.06

  • 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Nanette SchimpfJune 19, 2006 850-224-0174 NEARLY 1.7 MILLION FLORIDIANS NOW HAVE PRESCRIPTION DRUG COVERAGE THROUGH MEDICARE Government announces final enrollment numbersTallahassee, FL — Some 1,648,843 Floridians now have prescription drugcoverage through Medicare, according to final-enrollment numbers recentlyreleased by the federal government. This number includes those signed up forstand-alone prescription drug plans and for Medicare managed care plans thatinclude prescription coverage.Of Florida’s approximately 3,094,899 Medicare beneficiaries, about 78.1 percent(2,417,835) now have some kind of drug coverage. Nationally, 90 percent ofpeople with Medicare (38.2 million beneficiaries) now have drug coverage.“The enrollment numbers have exceeded expectations. The new Medicareprescription drug program offers savings and security, and Medicarebeneficiaries are satisfied with the benefit,” says Gwen Cooper, president ofCommunity Health Charities of Florida.The Medicare Rx Access Network of Florida is reminding the thousands ofFloridians who may be eligible but have not applied for the benefit’s low-incomesubsidy that they can still apply between now and Nov. 15 (when the next open-enrollment period begins) for extra help with paying for the coverage. If theyqualify for the low-income subsidy, they are offered a special enrollmentopportunity to enroll for coverage to begin right away and they will not be subjectto a late-enrollment penalty.“Reaching out to beneficiaries in Florida who may be eligible for the low-incomesubsidy has been no small task,” says Gwen Cooper. “There is help available forthose who wish to find out if they qualify.”Beneficiaries who wish to find out if they qualify for the low-income subsidy canget assistance by calling 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) or the SocialSecurity Administration at 1-800-772-1213.
  • 2. To obtain the Medicare agency’s final, state-by-state enrollment data, log onto ###Currently, there are 169 member organizations participating in the Medicare RxAccess Network of Florida that represent seniors, patients, people withdisabilities and chronic diseases, pharmacists, healthcare providers andbusinesses. The network provides information and assistance with outreach andeducation for the new Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit. Members sharean interest in educating Medicare beneficiaries about the new Medicareprescription drug benefit and work closely with the appropriate agencies to obtainup-to-date information to ensure that information disseminated by the networkabout Medicare Part D is factual and accurately conveyed and to equipbeneficiaries and their caregivers to make informed choices. By sharinginformation with each other about member organizations’ independent efforts,collaborating on activities, and identifying ways to work together, the networkaims to eliminate duplication of efforts and maximize the effectiveness ofoutreach efforts. The network does not engage in legislative activities or takepositions on pending legislative or administrative policies related to the Part Dbenefit and its implementation. The Medicare Rx Access Network of Florida ispart of the national Medicare Rx Education Network, which is chaired by formerU.S. Senator John Breaux.

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