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Pond's Let's Pink - Newspaper calls the doctor

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Pond's Let's Pink - Newspaper calls the doctor

  • 1. Case Study _Pond’s Let’s Pink Follow us on CASERecognizing the lack of Breast Cancer awareness in Women, POND’S wanted to leverage theissue as part of their CSR initiative and also reinforce their relationship with consumers. Theobjective was to promote the awareness of breast cancer amongst women and theirspouses. Pond’s wanted to leverage International Women’s Day and Breast CancerAwareness Week to launch an innovative campaign that takes the communication to nextlevel.Considering the reach and the audience, Pond’s relied on front page campaign in leadingnewspaper to get the reach but the challenge was evident. Print ads were limited by amountof communications they can deliver and engagement quotient. Short codes, URLs and QRcodes which are the other forms of integration had failed to deliver the required brandconnect/impact. But the big challenge was the inability of print to drive home 1:1relationship that was essential for brands ROI.The brand challenge was to leverage digital media not only to integrate the vast reachacross the readers of Times of India but also to amplify communication.SOLUTIONThe Big idea was to get the ‘Newspaper callthe Doctor’. Consumers capture the print adwith mobile camera to immediately see thedemonstration on self-help along with optionto fix an appointment with the nearest doctor.The print ad was transformed into a demo orbeginning of a relationship with the targetcustomer base. As consumers keep theirmobile camera on the Let’s Pink creative,deeper insights and information about Breast Cancer were delivered, with higher levels ofcall for action.
  • 2. Case Study _Pond’s Let’s Pink Follow us on consumers capture print ad, they could Receive instant information about Breast Cancer, its symptoms, reasons andpossibility of being affected Watch a demo video on self-test for Breast Cancer along with a step-by-step guidewith instructions Use the Doctor locator feature to find doctors nearby giving them the convenience tovisit the doctor at the earliest Readers could even take a Pledge endorsing their opinion and Connect with Let’sPink on their Facebook page.RESULTS 5000+ minutes of engagement on a single day educating over 10,000 families 58% of the users accessed the video breaking from their cocoon to find about theissue and seek help if requiredLEARNINGS The campaign could drive one-to-one relationship between brand and consumerusing the CSR activity as a bridge The social media touch points urged people to talk about the issue candidly therebyspreading increased awareness through word of mouth The well thought engagement possibilities like videos and doctor locator featurecould only be matched with the actual doctor visits driven through the campaign.Overall, the campaign coulddrive home 1:1 relationship that was essential for brandsROI

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