Nail Health Problems#$%
Your fingernails protect the fingertips from injury because they are finely nerve abundant areas ...
of natural and alternative remedies exist that are able to address this imbalance. »¿43 years old
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Nail Health Problems#$%

Your fingernails protect the fingertips from injury because they are finely nerve abundant areas tha...
Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Nail Health Problems#$% Your fingernails protect the fingertips from injury because they are finely nerve abundant areas that are composed of keratin, protein and sulfur. The nail bed is the skin underneath your fingernail and the area in which the nails grow on top. Fingernails grow approximately05 to 1.2 millimeters a week and sometimes more in a very healthy diet. Kathy, Do you have white lines AND horizontal ridges on the thumbs? If you do, this can indicate arsenic poisoning. Horizontal ridges can also indicate a B-vitamin deficiency. Another reason for horizontal lines is when there is severe stress on the body, either emotionally, from disease and/or infection. Genetics can play a role in different nail types so if you've always had this, could be genetic. And then again it may not be any of these things and nothing to worry about. It is odd that the lines are only on the thumbs-I'm not sure of the reasoning behind that except that we are all unique. -Regina King. Topical treatments aren't perfect but they're effective and affordable. However, all topical treatments, like any other personal healthcare product, are not created equal. You will want to make your purchasing decision based on the active ingredients on the back of the label and not the enticing marketing on the front. Also, keep in mind the size of the bottle when evaluating the cost because you may need to purchase two bottles depending on the number of nails and the estimated treatment time. Currently, we endorse Funginix as our top user choice and value. It includes FDA approved Undecylenic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, along with other nail penetrating ingredients to target the fungus at the source. It is important to observe the main symptoms so that the treatment methods can be executed. Remember that you can try the aforementioned remedies for 2 - 3 weeks. You will see the improvement slowly. If there is no improvement you must consult a doctor. Also, in case of severe pain or constant draining pus, consult a doctor for further treatment. Keeping your fingernails extremely clean and dry will help avoid any infection problem. Regular nail care, manicure, and thorough cleaning. »¿ Workplace Relations Adviser Silas from Almonte, spends time with passions for example scrapbooking, how to get strong nails and tesla coils. Finds the globe an enjoyable place following 2 days at the best way to prevent a fingernail infection. A nail consists of a body, composed of keratin, the exposed portion, and a root, the proximal portion hidden by the nail fold, both of which rest on the nailbed or matrix. The latter consists of epithelium and corium continuous with the epidermis and dermis of the skin of the nail fold. The crescent-shaped white area near the root is the lunula. The epidermis extending from the margin of the nail fold over the root is called eponychium; that underlying the free border of the distal portion is called hyponychium. Being in control of your situation can help relieve stress,” said Dr. Mayoral. “For instance, I teach my acne patients who use a topical acne medication once a day how to safely use the medication more frequently to counter the effects of stress. If this doesn't work, they know to call me or come in to the office so we can make further adjustments in their treatment. I find that initially giving them the power to fix the problem is very empowering to them.” Lifestyle changes can be difficult to implement all at once for a busy woman, however. The most effective approach, as brittle nails in menopausal women is primarily caused by fluctuating levels of estrogen that leads to dehydration, is to treat the problem directly at the hormonal source. A variety
  • 2. of natural and alternative remedies exist that are able to address this imbalance. »¿43 years old Public Relationships Manager Collin Iskra from Cabri, loves to spend some time birding, alopecia and tesla coils. Was particulary encouraged after traveling to Bryggen.A combination of lifestyle changes and alternative medicine is the most effective and safest way to battle brittle nails. The skin which overlaps the nail is usually stuck down to the outer surfaceof the fingernail. The cuticle is the edge of where the skin is usuallyattached. However, there is a little area between the covered portion ofthe nail and the skin which covers it - and this area may provide a shelterspace space for bacteria to grow. We all have bacteria on our hands, evenafter we wash, and bacteria or fungus may hide and grow in small crevicesnext to the fingernail. In majority of cases acrylic nails are fitted properly and they cannot cause any problems. However, if acrylic nails are not applied correctly or in case of their long term use, they can badly damage the nail bed and obstruct natural growth of the nails. Obstruction in the nail growth may cause deformed nails which can result in various defects like discolored nails or thickened nails. Sometimes, though rarely a skin irritation (dermatitis) of nail folds (the skin around the nail) as a reaction to acrylic nails components may occur. This can be complicated with a bacterial infection. However, the most frequent problem related to acrylic nails is onychomycosis or fungal infection of the nails. Fingernail Fungus Caused by Acrylic Nails According to Memorial Sloan Kettering dermatologist Mario Lacouture, nail problems are common in people treated with chemotherapy or stem cell transplantation. He advises cancer survivors to keep their nails clean and trimmed; avoid manicures; wear gloves when cleaning or gardening; and avoid nail biting to prevent infections in and around nails. Supplements such as vitamin B7 (biotin) and orthosilicic acid as well as topical treatments can help strengthen nails and prevent them from breaking, and dark nail polish can hide nail discoloration.

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