A two day National Level Meet on Diversion Based Irrigation (DBI) was organized by LivolinkFoundation at Hotel Yatri Nivas...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. A two day National Level Meet on Diversion Based Irrigation (DBI) was organized by LivolinkFoundation at Hotel Yatri Nivas, Konark, Odisha, from 19th to 20th March 2013. The meet wassupported by Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and Allied Trusts, Mumbai and organized by LivolinkFoundation, Bhubaneswar. The two day event witnessed active participation of 63 representativesfrom the Government, from SDTT Mumbai, partner NGOs under the DBI programme,scientists/experts from technical institutions and agricultural universities and other notablepersons working in the development sector.The objective of organizing this meet was to share experiences on promoting Diversion BasedIrrigation (DBI) from different parts of the country. The platform recognized justification forcontextual review of current activities under the SDTT supported DBI Programme. One of the areasof interventions identified in previously organized Partners Meet has been strengtheningAgricultural Interventions that includes promotion of agricultural activities and System of RiceIntensification in the command areas of DBI systems. This aspect was emphasized in thediscussions and presentations rendered at this partner meet. This meeting was organized as anopportunity wherein the focus on implementation of DBI along with promotion of agriculturalinterventions could be strengthened and establishing a definite plan of action in the Trustsupported national DBI programme.Representatives of partner-NGOs working under the SDTT-DBI programme were invited to sharetheir experiences on DBI in their respective areas and thus facilitate greater cross learning. Specificthematic discussions with a focus on agricultural promotion were duly accorded during thesessions. PowerPoint presentations, sub-group discussions, open-house deliberations and shortfilms on DBI generated by partners were showcased and formed part of the mode of deliberationsin this two day meeting. An exclusive poster competition was co-currently held during the meetingin which partners displayed training and learning materials and other IEC materials on DBI forgreater dissemination of related initiatives.For details of the key presentations rendered in this meeting, please click on the TITLE below:

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