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Jerusalem: more than just faith
The city attracts millions every year not only for its religious
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016


  • 1. For immediate release Jerusalem: more than just faith The city attracts millions every year not only for its religious importance, but above all—for its impressively rich history RAMALLAH, PALESTINE (Aug. 9, 2015)—While Jerusalem’s significance stems from being the world’s only three-faith mecca, the city has been garnering increasing attention over the years for the aesthetic beauty and rich history which these three religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—have left as perhaps an unintended consequence of their rituals and traditions. The most impressive hallmarks in Jerusalem can be immediately distinguished as one approaches its famed old city. The magnificent and iconic Dome of the Rock, built where believers identify was Prophet Muhammad’s stepping stone into Heaven; was meant to be a sacred shrine, but in fact, it is a monument to the beauty and inventiveness of Muslim engineers over 1300 years ago. With its lavish golden dome and multi-colored marble walls, the shrine is most admirable for its architectural beauty, as if its majesty had been commensurate with that of the occasion. Then there’s the Church of the Holy Sepulcher which gathers thousands of Christian pilgrims every year. As the holiest place in Christendom, the church was built over the spot where according to tradition; Christ was crucified, interred, and then resurrected. But that’s the religious part only. This sumptuous temple is in fact a series of churches within a whole grand church as virtually each denomination has a sacred shrine officiated by its own priest. Millennia-old icons, thousands of bass relief figures, marble columns as well as golden and silver motifs adorn almost every corner of this remarkable millennia-old temple. While Judaism keeps the Wailing or Western Wall as its holiest site, it is outside the old city, however, where one is to find endless instances of history and culture, starting by the museums, plazas, and markets. The arrival of Jews to what they believe is their ancestral capital as per the Old Testament, translated into an influx of African, American, Asian and European customs and tastes which stamp almost every corner of Western Jerusalem and beyond. The story doesn’t end in Jerusalem, however. Bethlehem, again a major holy place in Christendom, hosts countless buildings and historical sites of much beauty and excitement suited for those who wish something more than a spiritual journey. As part of promoting the city’s rich historical heritage, Golden Globe Tours, the leading tourism firm in Ramallah, has organized a unique package for visitors interested in the city’s cultural and historical profile. Marketed as ‘Palestinian Delights’, this week-long package includes visits to several historical sites in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and other key Palestinian cities. Golden Globe Tours is Ramallah’s foremost tourism firm emphasizing quality and satisfaction. From amongst its many travel services, it is renowned for offering major tours as well as customized packages tailored to the needs and tastes of its customers. For additional information, contact Contact: Golden Globe Tours Al Masa Center, 1 st floor Al-Irsal St. Ramallah, Palestine (+972) 2-2965111 1

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