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3007 Carl St
Niles, OH 44446
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. VANGUARD PURCHASE FORM Roth IRA 3007 Carl St Niles, OH 44446 (IRA only) (SEP IRA only) Fund Fund Account (IRA only) Contribution Individual Number Name Number Dollar Amount for Tax Year /Rollover /Employer 0030 Vanguard Prime Money 88036729393 3,000.00 2009 CONT N/A Market Fund Total Amount Remitted $ 3,000.00 Your purchase will be processed using the closing share price on the business day Vanguard receives your check. Checks received after 4PM Eastern Time will be processed using the next day's closing share price. For money market accounts, the trade date is always one day following the date the check is received. Please see prospectus for more information. Make check payable to: The Vanguard Group Things to remember: Be sure to sign check Make sure written amount and numeric amount match Check must be payable in US Dollars Do not use future dated checks Do not use starter checks Do not use third party checks Do not use Money Order Do not use travelers checks Mail to: For Regular U.S. Mail: For Overnight/Express Delivery: The Vanguard Group, The Vanguard Group, P.O. Box 2600, 455 Devon Park Drive, Valley Forge, PA 19482-2600. Wayne, PA 19087. 1025 INFL799261814445