Polyaire 2012 - 2013
I have reallyenjoyedmyfirst6 months withPolyaire;the staff have beenverywelcoming andmakingme feel li...
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Polyaire & Me

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Polyaire & Me

  • 1. Polyaire 2012 - 2013 I have reallyenjoyedmyfirst6 months withPolyaire;the staff have beenverywelcoming andmakingme feel like part of the Polyaire family. I have facedmanychallengesinunderstandingthe products, pricingstructure &internal workingsof the people and customers of Polyaire,buti believe have reallygrownalotintothe role. 1st 6 months– What have i achieved?  Grown initial customerlistfrom145 upto 280 potential clientsthroughextendingintoArcticlist&other referrals. Creatingalotof goodrepourwithclients.  Managed to resignbetween5-10dormantor new accounts,a few whichhave come fromthe prospectingof Arctic list.(DWAir/ AM Electrical /SAOAir/ Grafton Air/ SweeneyAir/B& B / )  Creatingand extensivedatabase withdetailedcycle encompassingall of the clientsmentionedabovewith detailsof bestcontacts, email detailsandaddressetc(willbe beneficial tomyselfandbranch) * alsohelps make reportingeasier*  I have managedto getover30 accounts seton EOF , The branch has reportedmore commonlycustomers are sendingthrough(mucheasierforthem)  Resettingof supplyagreementsfor5 of top 10 accounts & CPMpricingchangeswhere requiredforACI/ NEWAGE / FERNAIR/ SNAPFREEZE/CLEMENTS & Valleymore tocome.  WorkingwithIan& MarketingonPersonalisedflyersforKeyaccounts,currentlyClementsisreadytogo& Valleyisabouttostart. Othersare keenforservice asadd on to business.  Inputto make changesinmonthlyflyerwhichhave seenitbecome anorderformtoour clientswhichthey all seemtoappreciate. All upto myself i believe Polyairehasgivenme the opportunitytomake some keydecisions,whichhave helpedme feel like partof themteamandallowedme toinfluence others. Future goalswith Polyaire:  Continue toworkon myrelationshipswithclientstobetterunderstandindividual needssotheysee me & Polyaire asvalue addto theirbusiness  Keepworkingtounderstandthe bestchannelswithinPolyaire torefine mydaytoday processes ,andwork withteamfor bestrelationships  Keeprefining&prospectingmycycle andcustomerlistto getmore accounts onboard  Finalise all Supplyagreements,CPM& EOF to getmost customersbuyingfromusefficiently  Work withMarketingto keepgettingall materialfinalisedasrequestedbyclients  Work withPaul & Michael inAccountsto bestservice myclientsasissue’sarise case bycase  KeepworkingwithChrisandthe Salesteamtowork onbestprocesses& idea’stobestservice Polyaire customerneeds&opportunities  Work withAndrewtobestunderstandService /Warrantydetailswithinmycustomerbase  Work close withguysinthe branch for best practices, service andcustomerrelationships  Meetall of my Salestargets& achieve personal goals I have enjoyedthe challenge sofar,lookforwardtowhatliesahead. Regards, Stuart Meier

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