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Nato General 09

Network Assessment and Telecom Optimization
Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nato General 09

  • 1. IS YOUR NETWORK Save an average 30% on billed services BURNING BUCKS ? Reduce operational risk Optimize your ’09 budget HOW Call Atlas Communications Technology, Inc. about our Network Assessment & Telecom    Optimization (NATO) program. WHERE NATO is available in the following countries: WHAT • US NATO is an integrated assessment of your  • Canada networking environment. • Mexico & Caribbean • Outside North America (pending) • Project Managers research your voice and     data services directly with the provider at the    WHY billing component level The Bottom Line‐ If you haven’t assessed  your voice and data services, it’s probably  • Onsite technicians inspect your demark for  affecting your bottom line! active services relative to billing (very often,   these two are not aligned, usually to your detriment) Align your business today.  For more information, please call us at:  • Engineers analyze technician feedback,  718‐373‐7500 current call flow, and circuit utilization to recommend appropriate sizing and, where  appropriate, IP‐based consolidation paths WHO NATO can benefit customers with multi‐site  operations (minimum 15) in the following  industry verticals: • Financial • Manufacturing • Legal • Education • Healthcare • Technology • Government (Federal, State, Local) Making IT work since 1997. Making IT

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