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Design and implementation of: database tables to store drivers’ convictions and withdrawals records and the user interface...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. STEVEN R. SCHWARTZ Rosedale, New York 11422 Home: (718) 527-7899 Email: Summary:  Senior Software Engineer with an extensive background in system design and full project life cycle development of various types of applications.  Real-time (multi-threaded) system levelapplications,  Trading systems gateways; market data feeds.  Back office reporting and data feed applications.  Design and implementation of database applications and other types of applications as well.  Over 25 years of work in the UNIX and Linux environments.  Extensive experience in debugging and maintaining existing codebases.  Extensive experience designing and implementing realtime applications and multi-threading: JAVA Concurrency in JAVA, pthreads in C and C++.  Web Services (SOAP),JEE.  In general a diverse blend of many types of application development with the emphasis on system level applications. Technical Skills: Languages: Core JAVA (8 years),C++ (6 years), C (25+ years),SQL, PL/SQL, MQ Series, Shell Scripting (Bash). Assembler, FORTRAN. O/S: UNIX, Linux, VMS. Database: Oracle and MySQL. Tools: JDBC,Oracle's SQL Developer, TCP/IP, SVN and CVS, Quantify and Purify, debuggers: gdb, dbx, ddd. sdb, IDE's: Eclipse and Netbeans. Penguin Random House New York,NY Consultant September 2015 -- January 2016 Data warehousing projects. Parsing sales and tax records of book sales with JAVA and C. Linux, Unit testing. Commwell Consulting Services NewYork,NY Consulting Freelancer March 2014 - Present Various short term freelance project in JAVA,C and C++. Databases Oracle. Fixing and debugging programs for clients. Also time to interview for longer term or full time work. Hewlett-Packard (Credit Suisse,Deutsche Bank) New York, NY Consultant September 2012 -- March 2014 Migrating Core JAVA and C++ code from Solaris to Linux platforms. Work includes analysis of needed changes and removing no longer used 3rd party packages such as RogueWave. Fixing code to compile with newer version compiler of the compliers and bugs fixes as needed. Web Services applications. Tools include: Eclipse, Netbeans,Maven, Ant, gcc, make, Shell Scripts. SCIVANTAGE, Inc. Jersey City, NJ Senior Software Engineer June 2010 -- February 2012 Develop software applications for various brokerage firms for back office reporting and accounting in JAVA using Eclipse IDE. Projects include application for use in gathering trade transaction information in real-time using MQ Series as a data feed. Work with XML to receive client data as well as to communicate between middleware and the front end applications for Web based reporting. The extensive use of Core JAVA multi-threading and Collections. Work with project managers to ensure that code meets requirements. Web Services and SOAP messages to deliver reports to customers systems. Oracle database using JDBC. TML Information Services FloralPark,NY Senior Software Engineer November 2006 -- March 2009 Requirements gathering, tool and language assessment for a system to do commercial driver license checks for Mexican drivers entering into the US under NAFTA. Interface with US states DMV's through AAMVA’s UNI/CDLIS systems,as wellas Mexican DMV systems through Web services.
  • 2. Design and implementation of: database tables to store drivers’ convictions and withdrawals records and the user interfaces to display driver history records and allow withdrawal entries. System consisted of a MYSQL database to store driver convictions and withdrawals records. JAVA Web services (using XML SOAP messages) using Netbeans IDE to generate code. Web based user interface using Netbeans Visual Web JSF page, JSP and Java Beans. DOM XML parsing for message transfers between systems. JAVA Web services (XML SOAP messages). Web based user interface using Netbeans Visual Web JSF page, JSP and Java Beans. Technologies used: Linux, Core Java, C/C++, MySql,JDBC,Netbeans IDE, XML,SOAP,HTML,JSP, JAVA Beans. Weight Watchers Jericho,NY Consultant March 2006 – July 2006 Designing and coding modifications to legacy payroll calculation system. Work involved programming in “C” with PL-SQL Oracle, in a VMS system environment. ICAP Jersey City, NJ Consultant November 2000 -- September 2005 System design and coding in C++ and C using FIX protocol, XML, and other market data feeds, real-time systems development, with multi-threading (pthreads). Programming in C++ using the C++ STL and SQL with Ingres database. Implementation of various Fixed Income data feed gateway systems and order execution straight through processing (STP) feeds. Interface to market data feeds to convert from various trading engines price feeds to ICAP's internal protocol API to be used on their ETC front-ends trading displays. Projects included communication with host feeds using TCP/IP. Parsing messages from the feeds that do not have a supplied API,or using the supplied API to extract needed information like prices and issue descriptions and such. Sending issue, price, order book and trade book updates to ICAP's front-end server in their messaging protocols. Producing page maps and sorting issue list for displaying issues on the front-ends. Handling new orders and trades orders sent from the front-end. Sending of orders, trade orders and cancels to back end for processing in the matching engine. Storing of order, execution and trade orders for use in market data, order book and trade book updates sent to the front-end. Used hash tables and binary searches of lists for efficiency and speed in the trading systems. Major accomplishments were rewriting the first two feeds in approximately three months when all the code was lost due to 9/11. This allowed getting these two feed into production in a short time frame. Languages: C++, C, XML DOM, SQL (Ingres database),SUN Solaris UNIX, TCP/IP,STL, multi-threading. Tools: Sun’s Workshop, DDD,gdb, dbx, Purify, PVCS. INFORMATIONBUILDERS NewYork,NY Senior Software Engineer March 1995 -- November 2000 Researched,designed and coded new features and bug fixes for “FOCUS” database access and reporting language and Web- FOCUS reporting products. Y2K additions to FOCUS database tools. Platforms include UNIX(SUN, Digital) and VMS. Designed and implemented license management facility for FOCUS product. This included software license key management using a CGI based C using HTML and JavaScript Languages: C, FORTRAN,HTML, JavaScript, and CGI. EIS INTERNATIONAL Stamford,CT Senior Software Engineer February 1993 -- March 1995 Projects included: Adding new features and bug fixes to a system sold for outbound call processing and predictive dialing. Design, prototyping, and implementation of a system that allows one terminal to communicate with up to three different hosts, each on its own window; with the availability to automatically cut data from one system's screen and paste the data into another host system. (C, SCO UNIX) Education: Queens College, BA,Computer Science Professional Organizations:ACM,IEEE, IEEE Computer Society.

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