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EASYSIM 3D STORE® an online market place
for the simulation of events in 3D
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Press release : Virdys launches EASY SIM 3D STORE, an online market place for the simulation of events in 3D Easy Sim 3D Store, The first 3D content and news reconstitution market place by ES3D Creative Community for medias ! Create, Share, Monetize your 3D videos
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. EUREKA  PARK   BOOTH  81947 launches EASYSIM 3D STORE® an online market place for the simulation of events in 3D Press release 16 DECEMBRE 2015 3D simulations are increasingly used in the media as a universal means of communication. Using 3D for real- time news usually requires specific technical expertise. Such expertise adds to the cost and time produce the right visual result. With Easy Sim 3D®, the media can now visually render news stories as they emerge. At the CES in January 2015 Virdys already successfully launched its 3D Creative software EASY SIM 3D® solution. Designed for use by people with no technical training to create simulations of critical situations such as natural catastrophes, accidents, terrorist attacks, armed conflicts ,etc, Easy SIM 3D reduces the production time dramatically from 2-3 days to merely a couple of hours. VIRDYS® has created a tool which fits perfectly with the needs of the continuous news media. In no time, ES3D enables you to modify scenarios, in real time, as the story emerges and evolves. France national television has already adopted EASY SIM 3D® for its news service. Building on its success VIRDYS® is returning to the CES with an enhanced offering, the EASY SIM 3D STORE® which will be presented as an avant premiere at the show. This new market place will enable media players to purchase 3D work created by «EASY SIM 3D® uses worldwide. 3D creatives can offer ready-to-go 3D simulations which can be modified endlessly. The ES3D Creative Community® » will bring together professionals, amateurs and all those who share a passion for 3D. Members of the community can rapidly turnaround and make available , through the EASY SIM 3D STORE®, 3D simulations thereby fulfilling a growing demand from news specialists. Join now! On the 6th January, registration to join the ES3D Creative Community® will commence simultaneously at the show and online at The first 100 3D creators selected will win a free access to the EasySim3D® software! EASYSIM 3D STORE®, will provide the news media with an impressive pool of talent and portfolio of 3D simulations to enhance news making it even more relevant. About VIRDYS® : Virdys® is a software editor for specialized communication, promotion and sales tools. Its core business is democratizing access to the creation and visualisation of environments. Its interactive technologies come from the world of video game. For its second appearance at the world’s most important consumer electronics show the CES which takes place in Las Vegas between the 6th-9th January, VIRDYS is pleased to announce the avant premiere of its online market place called EASY SIM 3D STORE®. This new brand new market place available from 2016 will enable the 3D creative community to monetize their work. It will equally give the media almost immediate access to reconstructions on news events. Thierry COTTENCEAU / C.E.O M : + 33(6)08633450 Innovation Award 2012 Communications Award 2013 Marketing Innovation Award 2014 Digital Tool Award 2015

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