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Brief biography of Polybius, the historian
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Teacher: Mauricio Torres Name: ……………………………Course: 8th EGB Section: ………………………..Subject: Social Studies Date: April ……… 2012Activity: ProjectPolybiusBiographyGreek historian of the Hellenistic Period notedfor his work, The Histories, which covered theperiod of 220–146 BC in detail. The workdescribes in part the rise of the Roman Republicand its gradual domination over Greece. He canbe considered one of the founding fathers ofRoman historiography*.Polybius was born in Arcadia around 200 BC.He was the son a Greek politician. His fathersopposition to Roman control of Macedonia resulted in his imprisonment. Polybius was thendeported to Rome. He was one of the 1,000 Achaean nobles who were transported to Rome ashostages in 167 BC and was detained there for seventeen years. In Rome, by virtue of his highculture, Polybius was admitted to the most distinguished houses, in particular to that ofAemilius Paulus, the conqueror in the Third Macedonian War, who entrusted Polybius with theeducation of his sons.In the succeeding years Polybius resided in Rome, completing his historical work whileoccasionally undertaking long journeys through the Mediterranean countries, with Romanarmies, in the furtherance of his history, in particular with the aim of obtaining firsthandknowledge of historical sites. It also appears that Polybius interviewed veterans in order toclarify details of the events he was recording. The Histories The substance of Polybius’ Histories is based on historical information and conveys his role as a historian. Polybius’ The Histories starts in 264 BC and finishes off in 146 BC. He mainly discusses the years in which Ancient Rome rose to superpower status from 220 BC to 167 BC, describing Romes efforts in subduing its arch-enemy, Carthage, and thereby becoming the dominant Mediterranean force.He described the job of an historian as: required political experience (which aided indifferentiating between fact and fiction) and familiarity with the geography surrounding onessubject matter in order to supply an accurate version of events.Polybius was among the first historians to attempt to present history as a sequence of causes andeffects, based upon a careful examination and criticism of tradition. He narrated his historybased upon first-hand knowledge. The Histories capture the varied elements of the story ofhuman behavior. He criticized heavily the writers that showed bias in their works, and focusedon presenting facts rather than opinions. *Historiographer: A persons who dedicates himself into reviewing history, to analyze from different points of views and eliminate bias as much as possible._________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Km. 14 ½ Vía Perimetral – PBX: 2145614 – Mobile:080869990 – 080869888 http://www.torremar.edu.ec e-mail: torremar@torremar.edu.ec

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