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the smilepod differenceSmilepod offers a new approach to oral care provision which strips away theirritations of t...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. £ PRICE MENUfor a different kind of dentistry smilepod 0207 836 6866 smilepod.co.uk
  • 2. DENTAL TREATMENTS DENTAL HYGIENE + TEETH CLEANING DENTAL TREATMENTS HYGIENE & CLEANING New Customer Consultation* £65 Smile on the Run ® £40 Short of time? In 15 minutes we will make your teeth feel and Routine Consultation* £50 look cleaner and healthier. Emergency Consultation*# £65 The Classic (clean & polish) £65 Small X Ray (each) £15 Combines a clean and polish with tailored oral hygiene advice and Panoral X Ray £65 a gum health check. Small Filling £99 High Gloss Diamond Polish ® £85 Medium Filling £149 All the benefits of The Classic with the addition of intense stain removal using a high-power air jet, followed by a high-gloss Large Filling** £189 polish with a diamond paste. Re-fixing Crown / Veneer £65 Smile Styling™ £115 Porcelain Crown £700 A bespoke brightening and cleaning service for anyone worried about tooth staining and how to maintain a healthy confident smile Metal Backed Porcelain Crown £650 and fresh breath. Gold Crown £660 Smoker’s Makeover™ £125 Porcelain Veneer £600 The perfect choice if you want your teeth to look more like Small Bridge £1,860 a non smoker’s with special attention on removing nicotine stains. Implant Including Crown £2,750 Extraction** £135 – £225 HYGIENE & CLEANING WITH BRACES Foundation Clean (before fixing braces) £65 This all important pre-braces clean will help keep your teeth and gums in excellent condition while wearing your braces. Protection Clean (while wearing braces) £85 * Includes small X rays if required Carefully removes plaque around braces. # Includes medication if required ** Fees may vary in more complex cases and you will be informed They’re Off! (straight teeth clean) £85 before your treatment starts Specially designed to remove stains after wearing braces to perfect your straight smile.
  • 3. TEETH WHITENING TEETH STRAIGHTENING WHITENING INVISIBLE TEETH STRAIGHTENING Initial Consultations (worth £25) Free Transform your smile with a series of nearly invisible aligners individually At-Home Tooth Whitening £295 made to fit and gradually move your teeth until you have the perfect smile. Our At-Home teeth whitening treatment can gently whiten your teeth by up to 8 shades in the convenience of your own home. Initial Consultation (worth £45) Free Philips Zoom!® Whitening £395 I7 Treatment – up to 7 sets of Aligners £1,495 In just around 90 minutes at Smilepod, you can look and feel great with brighter, whiter teeth. Lite Treatment – 8 to 14 sets of Aligners £1,999 Full Treatment – 15 to 30 sets of Aligners £2,695 Whitening Combination Package £590 If you want the whitest smile that lasts then the whitening Each additional set of Aligners above 30 sets £40 combination package is the one for you. Combining the Zoom!® and At-Home treatments (SAVE £100) Refinement £295 Whitening Gel (prescription only) £20 Retainers £295 Per syringe. Whitening (as part of Invisalign package) £165 CUSTOM MADE MOUTH GUARDS Orthodontic (fixed brace) consultation £150MOUTHGUARDS Sports Guards £120 Choose from various colours and sizes. Invisalign payments plans Night Grinding Guards £285 We have a range of monthly payment options beginning from just £69 per month. Protect your teeth with our bespoke mouth guards. Please ask for more information. Articulated Guards £585 Shaped using technology that simulates jaw movement to accurately fit your mouth and bite. Orthodontic Retainers £345 ALL TREATMENTS CARRIED OUT BY FRIENDLY DENTISTS BOOK ONLINE AT SMILEPOD.CO.UK ASK ABOUT PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS FOR TREATMENTS OVER £250. ARRANGEMENT FEE: £45
  • 4. FACIAL TREATMENTS REJUVENATING SMOOTHING TREATMENTS Our Facial Treatments relax the muscles in your face which have led to the formation of lines and wrinkles. After a few days enjoy more relaxed and younger looking skin. We offer an initial no obligation Consultation (worth £45). Smilepod Mini Smoothie™ (1 Area) £195 PHILIPS SONICARE EXPERIENCE Your Smilepod dentist will show you how to maintain your new smile with a This treatment gently smoothes away lines between your brows complimentary trial of the Philips Sonicare toothbrush. The Sonicare experience or wrinkles around your eyes, resulting in a fresher, younger-looking can be combined with any Smilepod treatment. appearance lasting up to 4 months. Smilepod Maxi Smoothie™ (2 Areas) £275 This treatment will giv a more relaxed youthful appearance and can even give the effect of a brow lift. Smilepod Super Smoothie™ (3 Areas) £345 MEMBERSHIP PLANS One of our most popular treatments, combining three treatment Enjoy exclusive benefits and savings by joining a Smilepod Membership Plan. areas, to create a more youthful appearance. Your smile can be Ask for details. softer around the eyes, frown marks less visible and your forehead appears wrinkle free. GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE Smilepod Ultimate Smoothie™ £345 - £595 We offer a range of gift vouchers towards Smilepod treatments or specific cash Combining three treatment areas plus one dermal filler to lessen the values (£50, £100, etc). furrows between the nose and the corners of the mouth (known as the naso-labial lines) creating the ultimate super smooth younger look. HEALTH INSURANCE Smilepod Dermal Filler £290 - £580 Our treatment may be covered by your health provider. Dermal filler treatments to plump up the skin, restore volume and smooth out lines and wrinkles. Results are natural and immediate and will last up to 6 months. We can treat facial lines, lips and revitalise your skin. All treatments are carried out by our friendly, professional and fully trained dentists in our clinical environment.
  • 5. the smilepod differenceSmilepod offers a new approach to oral care provision which strips away theirritations of traditional practise. We bring high-quality professional dental care tothe high street in the form of hassle free dental studios geared to make you lookand feel brilliant.Our ethos is to make the best oral care truly accessible by removing the need forreferrals and offering a range of customer-friendly treatments carried out by fullytrained dentists and delivered in an attractive salon environment at times whichwork for you.appointmentsemail reception@smilepod.co.ukbook online at smilepod.co.ukor ring 0207 836 6866 (MON - FRI 8.30am - 7pm / SAT 10am – 4pm) BANK CANARY WHARF COVENT GARDEN 18-20 Cullum Street Canada Place 23 Rose Street (near Leadenhall Market) (shopping centre) (off Long Acre) EC3M 7JJ E14 5HX WC2E 9EA MOORGATE SOHO 24 Chiswell Street 56 Poland Street (ground floor) W1F 7NN EC1Y 4TY

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