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assembly is the seminar was initiated by the first trainer Mrs. Melissa Moscoso of UPLB and organized
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Next is the topic of Localization and
Contextualization, can be said to be very
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Day 5, the high light of the day is for the
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Together”.Itwas a verymovingmomentandsucha beautytosee people from different diverse places
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Narrative k 12 Seminar

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Narrative k 12 Seminar

  • 1. Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Region IV-A CALABARZON Division of Laguna PEDRO GUEVARA MEMORIAL NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Santa Cruz As the Philippine Government under the Presidency of His Excellency, Benigno C. Aquino III is implementingthe K-12Curriculumwhereinbeforeastudent go to college or tertiary level, he needs to comply 12 years in elementary and secondary, instead of the traditional 10 years; With this, new and veteran teachers also needs to undergo trainings for the said curriculum. The Department of Education had started this process in 2012 and now 2015 they have conducted a Mass Training of Teachers for Grade 10. Last 18th-23rd of May 2015, the Values Education Teachers of Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School were scheduled to attend the seminar together with other Grade 10 Values teachers within Laguna and its cities. The delegate teachers of PGMNHS are Patrick Tuazon, Nelson Albay, El Bimbo Repala, Lemuel Estrada, Rubenia Hermias, Marynol Matienzo, Grace Sandoval, EmiliaHernandez,MayAnnAriola,LeabethVeluz,Ferdilyn delos Reyes, Sarah Tibay, Nancy Bagayan, Leny Paloma, Mr.Virgilio Porca. The Seminar was hosted by The University of the Philippines Los Baños, and took place at the Makiling Highlands Resort in Brgy. Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. The registrationwasheldatthe Monte VistaResort wherein Seminar Kits, food stub, and room assignments were distributed to the participants. Plenary (opening program) was also held at the resort. Dean Dong Camacho gave the opening remarks for the seminar. A video of DepEd Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC was shown to the delegates so that “positive learning’s” about K-12 may be acquired by everyone. After the Plenary, the delegates were informed that sectioningwillbe announcedthe nest day during breakfast, and then were transferred to the Makiling Highlands in Jeepney services. The Guevarian Teachers were assigned into different rooms but by gender but still together. The next day, Day 2 started at around 7:30am, the Guevarian Teachers meet each other had breakfasttogetherandthenwere informedthatall of thembelongedtoSectionBandgoodthing is that they are already at the building where their section’s seminar will be located. After breakfast and
  • 2. assembly is the seminar was initiated by the first trainer Mrs. Melissa Moscoso of UPLB and organized the section together with the other trainer Sir Erwin by grouping the crowd into 4 groups. Aftergroupingthe trainees, the trainertackledthe topicon levelingexpectations.She reminded the section that everyone should be open in listening other’s opinion and most of all respect for everyone. Also on this topic, they gauge the knowledge of the individuals in the room of what they know and whatthey would want to know in the K-12 curriculum. Next activity is gauging the idea of the trainees about the K12 system by listing down their thoughts about the new system. The topics to be gauged are the following: K12 Program Updates, Grade 10 Learning Area Content, Teaching Approaches and Strategies, Classroom Assignments, Localization and Contextualization and Differentiated Instruction. Each group was instructed to make a chart answering the topicquestions whatare currentlyknow about the topics or ideas and what might need to be learned from the topics. After presenting the work of each group, a video of Undersecretary Dina de Ocampo wherein she was discussing roundabouts of the K-12 system, how it will work and how it is implemented. Also emphasized in her speech are ensuring that basic literacy and numeracy are learnedthroughthe use of the mothertongue,provides opportunitiesforenhancementsandapplication of learned literacy and numeracy competencies to varied content areas and other interest programs for Junior High school. Alsoincludedin herspeech isthe alignmentof ALS learning strands with the k12 subjects, information about the contentsof the learner’smaterialsandTeacher’sguide, the proposed SHS voucher program. After the watching the video, discussing 21st Century Skill by discussing module 10 was discussed; the following were give 21st century skills were given definition : the seven C’s - Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, communication, collaboration and creativity, cross cultural understanding, career and learning self reliance, computing and ICT fluency. The last activityforthe day isdefiningDifferentiatedInstructionwhereinateachershouldadapt instructiontostudentdifferences.The principleof this topic is that students learn best when the make connections between the curriculum and their interest s and experiences. Day 3 of the Seminar, Mrs. Salve Escalante of Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School, explained the new Curriculum” ESP or Edukasyonsa Pagpapakatao”fromValuesEducation; the objective is to correct the values of Filipinos towards the common good and it should start from their education. In Values Education, our eyes are openedthatthe valuesof studentsare notfromthe outside activities given by the teachers but from the inside of each students that is touched,pulledthoughtonlybythe teachers.GoodValues therefore are being Humane.
  • 3. Next is the topic of Localization and Contextualization, can be said to be very important because with these two ideas gives the learners to be familiarize with the lessons throughthe use of common objects and culture that will relate tothe learners, this is also based from RA 10533 Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 - To protectand promote the rightof every Filipinotoquality, equitable, culture-based, and complete basiceducationwhere:- Studentslearn in a child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe, and motivatingenvironment-Teachersfacilitate learning and constantly nurture every learner- Administrators and staff, as stewards of the institution, ensure an enabling and supportive environment for effective learning to happen- Family,community,andotherstakeholdersare actively engagedandshare responsibilityfordeveloping life-long learners. One fun activity conducted by the trainer is that, she will give some situation and the four groupswill pose toreenactthat scene andthe group that will show the bestrepresentationwill win.The Idea of Localization and Contextualization is through REACT -> Relating, Experiencing, Applying, CooperatingandTransferring. Toendthis topic it was emphasized that “a teacher teaches according to a way where his students will learn, not to a way only chosen by him”. Day 4, startedwithanotherwalkthroughof the module, each groups where divided to sub groups and assigned 1 topic per 2 sub groups and instructed to make a graphic organizer to show how they understand the topic given to them. The time givenwaslimited and after making their graphic organizer they were instructed to organize a Gallery walk where in all the groups’workwill be postedonthe wall,inthiscase theirgraphic organizers, a host from the group will be left on the groups’ organizertoexplainvisitorfromothergroup he concept of their workwhile the othermemberswill roam other groups’ work. In return after the visitors listened to the exhibitor’s host’s explanation; they are to give comments on colored paper, yellow forpositiveand blue for negative. The time was limited and itcan be saidthat all group’sexhibitwaswell quite unusual for some andraisedspecificquestionafterthe activity,the topic derived from the activity is actually what makes a graphic organizer, graphic organizer, some were asking what kind of graphic organizer was done to show group’spresentation, but no answer was given, so the whole class defined the graphic organizer through the facilitator which is Mrs. Melissa Moscoso, in layman’s term, a graphic organizerisa visual aidwhere intheycan show a topicvisually in a systemized or organized manner, that it can use symbols or other shapes as long as it is visual and can be comprehended by the visitors, and everyone agreed.
  • 4. Day 5, the high light of the day is for the demonstrationteachingof the chosenTeachersfromdifferent schoolsof Laguna, andit was agreedthatonly2 will be chosen in each section, in Class B, we are fortunate enough that Mr. NelsonAlbayof PedroGuevaraMemorial NationalHighSchool was one of them teachers who were picked to do so and automatically will represent PGMNHS in conducting this prestigious opportunity in showing the talents of Guevarian Teachers have, the draw lots has been done actually 2 days earlier so that they are able to prepare for the said event. To top this up one of three paneled of observers was Mrs. Emilia Hernandezof of PedroGuevaraMemorial National HighSchool aswell. But it wassure that everything willbe fairandsquare as the procedure goeson. As Mr. Albay’sdemoteaching started everyone was attentive on how the session will run. But also with the teachers talent in facilitating his students and also with the new curriculum manual, he was able toshowcase the 21st centuryskill,localization/contextualizationthroughthe differentactivities in the module to execute the learner’s interest in learning the topic. Day 6 and last day of training, all the three classes of ESP G10 in the Makiling Highland Resort were joined together in 1 room. This is the 1st time everyone were abletosee how bigthe congregation was.It was very overwhelming to realize that there are many ESP teachers in Laguna that help develop the values of our students. Mainly the activity on this day is to show case the best activity done by each sectioninthe pastfew days, Section A showed their good Filipino traits by doing a role play in a beautypageanttheme;everyone wasawed by their performance,aside fromveryeducational itwasvery entertaining.GroupBperformedthe songby Noel Cabangon’s “Ako’s Isang Mabuting Pilipino”. – it was very entertaining as well since it showed that teachers can rap which shows the versatility we have to perform and acquire audience’s attention . Group C, performed a role-playing mimicking Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda and Darla. It was very entertaining as well. Afterthe activity, each participant was given a 1 inch thick of strip of colored paper and ask to write down things that he can do to emphasize values in teaching ESP, and after this, they were asked to go to their respective school colleagues and form the strips into a chain,and thenwere askedto link them to the same district until all were connected as a province, with one goal, to put ESP in our hearts so that our students may feel that the contentof thissubjectisreal and is happening, everyone was asked to reflect about it and sung along to the song of “If We Hold on
  • 5. Together”.Itwas a verymovingmomentandsucha beautytosee people from different diverse places was able to unite each other and hold on to each other’s link better yet hand. People who just met at this seminar and build friendship that hoping I will last as time can permit. Afterthe activitywasthe graduatingceremony,itwasdone bygivingawaythe certificate of the traineestocommemorate theirhardshipinattendingthe Seminar,Certificatetothe Demoteachers and Certificate tothe Trainers. Then closing remarks was done by Dean Dong Camacho of UPLB. By the end of the seminar I can confidently that the 6day training was successful and teachers were given encouragement and ideas to face the new K-12 system that will help our students to understand the world they are living through their teachers.

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