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with the leadership of the ACC, as a source of advice to local and state governmental and professional organizations
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Florida Chapter of the American College of Cardiology Selects LUMEDX Apollo Registry Solution OAKLAND, CA – 9/17/03—The Florida Chapter of the American College of Cardiology (FCACC), the nation’s first state chapter of the prestigious American College of Cardiology, announced that it has selected LUMEDX’s Apollo Application Service Provider (ASP) registry solution. Apollo will enable Florida-based outpatient cardiac laboratories to track outcomes and quality of patient care, and participate in the National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR). NCDR is an important step for outpatient cath labs to prove to the state and to insurance companies that their patients have received quality care at the right cost. Executive Director of the FCACC, Wil Mick, and FCACC Governor, Richard A. Chazal, MD, have embarked on a quality improvement initiative to encourage outpatient cath labs across Florida to participate in NCDR. The preeminent cardiovascular data repository, NCDR collects and measures outcomes from cardiovascular specialists, hospitals, and cath labs across the country to provide national and peer group comparisons. To participate in NCDR, the FCACC needed to find a software solution that would allow cath labs to collect patient data and outcomes, and submit their results to NCDR. LUMEDX’s Apollo ASP registry solution provided a quick- to-implement, straightforward, and fully NCDR-certified registry service. With Apollo, physicians and clinicians at cath labs fill out the information they need for NCDR in real-time, while they are working on cases. They then upload the information to LUMEDX’s server in Bellevue, Washington, and submit data to NCDR as needed. While there are many benefits to Apollo ASP registry solution, most important is that it’s low cost enables a wide range of clinics across the state to participate in national registries. With Apollo, cath labs need not invest in their own server or equipment on site or provide system maintenance, so overhead is kept to a minimum. In addition, the software is accessed via the Internet, so implementation is easy and quick. And the Apollo software has a short learning curve, making it ideal for immediate registry participation. The FCACC chose LUMEDX “based on a combination of belief in the service provided and cost,” says Dr. Chazal. Prior to their decision, the FCACC selection committee traveled to Saint Vincent’s Medical Center in Pennsylvania to see LUMEDX’s Apollo software in action. Wil Mick says he was “impressed with their ability to not only to measure quality but also to increase quality. To use benchmarks to motivate staff to take pride in quality.” Collecting data and setting benchmarks is not only important to ease state concerns. This data also allows doctors to make decisions to improve quality of patient care in their own labs, based on best practices across the country. Say’s Dr. Chazal, “Most important is the ability of outpatient cath labs to benchmark themselves to improve quality of care to individual patients.” Dr. Chazal also believes participation will also help with insurance reimbursements because cath labs “can ensure payers that care is being rendered in an appropriate and high quality fashion.” The FCACC encourages all 23 of Florida’s outpatient cath labs participate in NCDR, and seeks to be a model for other states to follow with their own quality of care initiatives. ABOUT LUMEDX With over 300 heart center clients worldwide, LUMEDX is the market leader in cardiovascular information systems. As the No. 1 independent integrator of cardiology information solutions, LUMEDX offers the most proven, comprehensive package of clinical information tools, cardiovascular products, and services to help medical institutions enhance quality of patient care, reduce costs, streamline workflow, increase patient volume and grow revenue. For more information, visit www.lumedx.com. ABOUT THE FLORIDA CHAPTER OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY The American College of Cardiology is a professional society of over 28,000 cardiovascular physicians and scientists nation and worldwide. The FCACC was the nation’s first state chapter, and actively monitors legislative and reimbursement issues on a state level. The Mission of the FCACC is to contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and to ensure optimal quality for individuals with such diseases. In carrying out these purposes the Chapter shall function, in consultation
  • 2. with the leadership of the ACC, as a source of advice to local and state governmental and professional organizations concerning issues related to cardiovascular disease. The Chapter shall, in the interests of patients, physicians, and the public in general, maintain a high level of social consciousness and involvement with socioeconomic factors and access to the highest possible quality of cardiovascular health care. For more information, visit www.accfl.org. Contact: Sian Geraghty Company: LUMEDX Title: Marketing Communications Specialist Phone: 800-966-0699 ext. 231 Email: sian.geraghty@lumedx.com

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