3 Emotional Lifts to Offer Rehab Patients
Low self-esteem is something that many alcohol and drug rehab patients suffer fr...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. 3 Emotional Lifts to Offer Rehab Patients Low self-esteem is something that many alcohol and drug rehab patients suffer from. It usually stems from regret about situations caused by their drug or alcohol addiction. At Port St. Lucie drug rehabs, therapists and counselors attempt to let patients know that forgiving themselves and moving forward is the healthiest course of action. There are several other ways that counselors guide patients into choosing higher self-esteem. 1. Nothing happens immediately. Patients are likely harder on themselves than anyone else is going to be on them. They often expect too much too soon. During Port St. Lucie drug rehab, patients are physically and emotionally raw. This is not the ideal situation for self-improvement, but it is ideal for a new beginning. After being stripped down of all former entanglements and abuses, patients can be ready for new guidance and improved ways of thinking. If they expect too much to happen immediately, they will be disappointed and this will set them back in their recovery. 2. Take baby steps. Setting small goals that can be accomplished is a lot easier for rehab patients than setting large goals that take a while. Patients need to be able to see their progress and feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a goal. Breaking big projects into smaller chunks can make really big projects feel more manageable. No one can possibly get everything done all the time. Encouraging patients to look at what went well and what did get accomplished rather than what was left undone is a lesson in positive thinking and a boost to their low self-esteem. 3 Use your words. Everyone has a ways that they talk to themselves. Counselors can teach patients to turn on the positivity of that inner voice. Patients can often be found to tell themselves that they are not good enough, that they are a failure, or that they in some way do not measure up. By teaching patients to focus on what they can and are doing, and to give themselves a mental pep talk rather than a put down, they will start to feel better about themselves. This change in self-talk may also lead to a change in how they talk to others and how they approach difficult situations. Find out all the details about Port St. Lucie drug rehab options and receive 24-hour confidential support by calling 1-800-411-9200 now. http://www.aroadtorecoveryrehab.com/

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