SINGAPORE OLD Jamaica in 2015.
Jamaica with 40
Million Population Old USA
Country Size - Area Kilometre Square 710.2 10,99...
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A MAJESTY SHOCK TRAIL IN CHRIST PRESENTATION : A Living Souls Projection of Global and Jamaica Guided by Singapore in Christ Beginning Port Usage Analysis. Logistic HUB in a Press to Highmark In Christ Jesus of All "Serving All 7.3 billion + on earth and IN OMNIPRESENCE.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. SINGAPORE OLD Jamaica in 2015. Jamaica with 40 Million Population Old USA Country Size - Area Kilometre Square 710.2 10,991.0 Same Same all the islands and all the Earth - the fulness there of. Us All one in the Spirit. Jamaica is 15.4759 the size of Singapore By Singapore Stnd Jamaica could be 15 times it current population - 90Mil - but all living a standard of living standard like Singapore 50% above that of the old fraudstagnation union by principalities posession - Old United States of America. The states of America was a divided and possessed by 55 Principalities dividing in ruler ship of the dark age the half of the Planet with 1/3 of the land call America - North & South; Riled by national anthems - issues of death - anti - christ amnation from Ascension -The Dis-ease of Pride anti Serve All Trae without babitism of locals by exalted abominations of desolations of principalities Nationalism and pleasure goons`ism, Excess of KIngdoms of man Not so much so a China and Singapore problem combine or singly. China is 1 1/2 the combine 'to be' Unite States of America. should it submit to God will and not the devil and be United. Singapore - fast track towards greater Glory and Majesty by being a global port Birthing a ernest representation of The liberty wherein Christ make us free by facilitating of 'Serve All' Distribution by Free of banditism boundary extortion an loot taxes Free Trade which: God still rewards though but a earnest with 'Wonders and Sign percapita and inginuty in Glory and Majesty (little so for being a little more lacking in Honor; yet They reject Jamaica reggarization high an perversion on citizens mind to being lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, so to Jamaica shame.) So Singapore is building on decates of more than less Free Trade Trade and more toward God Just Tax (Tithes) To government on Christ shoulders who cares; and is not given to Cow'ism for suckers ("If a man does not work He should not eat; wisely one choice for it to work for good. Singapore is pulling China and India (Leadership) out of the grips of fallen Principalities loving hibrids gods of old and their separation from "Serve All" minions. Singapore provides same leadership to all the earth Population 6,000,000.00 2,800,000.00 8,000,000 8,000,000 40,000,000 321,000,000 Per Capita Creation 83,066.00 8,610.00 75,000 150,000 150,000 53,333 Gross Domestic Creation 498,396,000,000.00 24,108,000,000.00 600,000,000,000 1,200,000,000,000 6,000,000,000,000 17,119,893,000,000 Export as % of GDP Gross Domestic Creation 83% 29.8000% 99.96625% 99.96625% 99.96300% 13% Serve All Export .Total 413,668,680,000.00 7,184,184,000.00 599,797,500,000 1,199,595,000,000 6,000,000,000,000 2,225,586,090,000 Serve All Export .Per Capital. 68,944.78 2,565.78 74,974.69 149,949 150,000.00 6,933.29 Singapore Old Anti 'Serve all Enterprise' Vampire Jamaica lost in USURY & Banditism - Boundary extortion and Loot Taxes sucking out 'the inclined to be Net givers Serve all Creators/global distributors brunt by locals, then redistributing to riders - harlots and abominations of the earth riding on and blood sucking beast - slaves - in the satanumental array. Status quo net suckers and voter minions pleasure goon Savage thieves.maiming fiercely to low percaoita Gross domestic Creation and Serve all Distribution to be blood sucking thieves. Politnin to Level of Logistic Distribution means. US$ 6 trillion (PPP) Serve All Export Supposed to be No. 4???? in enabling Maximization of serve all to infinity by all NO 7 in earth. with Served to all SHAME of US $3.857 Billion. Compared to Singapore US$413 Billion. with US$413 billion(PPP). With Duppy leaders teaching doctrine of man anti To Christ "Serve All RULE". Them sayng 'Produce what you eat.' 'Eat what you produce' You know your shame you set of exalted independence 'Wrong directions harborers of the abominations of Desolation. Now Go the opposite WAY The JESUS WAY. No 4 here perhaps. Living Souls Jamaica & Global Achievable Serve all Targets/Exports via necessary Ports/ Logistic HUB ame for all people on earth. Export Ratio is (Global population less people team)/ Global population. JEDi to Omnipresence. Old USA current Percapita Exports is Anti Serve all cursed by abomination of God bless America and not even meaning America but 1/3 of it and lost in Might & power and world war 2 trophy of QE extortion abuse) is at low 10% of Singapore proving the Ol USA was great by the union of 321 million. China by it own 4.2 times ol USA Union even though too a introvert anti Christ, will have a 'Put to Flight Factor over 250,000 time old usa and will be over 200,000 time stronger than old usa in the over perpetuating of its 200 years past to present current deminishing kingdoms of man setting. Christ increasing as Global brands. A MAJESTY SHOCK TRAIL 'Property Development & Maintenance Products' IN CHRIST Port Analysis unction to proper functioning - 'Serve All' to infinity; Ever a JEDiIs there a singleGlobal 'Value for less' Information System capturing, tracking and reporting to all, all transactions on the globe an omnipresence in all respects, for all ever pressing to 'Serving All' to infinity The High mark of our calling in Kingdom of Heaven through Christ Jesus; in the Father; So Logistics HUB? Yes; Can Manifest. Jamaica - The New Creation of Living Souls. 8 Million Population immigrants an Locals <-- This Living Souls result is easier to achieve than continueing as a set of 3rd world Anti Christ abomination of desolation direction thieves._> < ------------------------------Emerging Living Souls New Creations Jamaica one with The All the Earth.Facilitating Serve All in infinity of Ways.----------------------> and Planet of super 'Usain Bolts' in christ eternal as LivingSouls doing an promoting "issues of life." Presentation

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