Pool Black Algae RemovalWhen people find black algae in their swimming pool they always seem to prepare for the worse. It ...
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Pool Black Algae Removal

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Pool Black Algae RemovalWhen people find black algae in their swimming pool they always seem to prepare for the worse. It is true thatpool black algae removal can be a challenge, but many people may be surprised to find out that their algaeproblem is not as serious as they might think. It is true that pool black algae removal takes more than justremoving the black spots, but black algae is not a dangerous substance. Swimming in a pool that is in need ofpool black algae removal is not hazardous to your health. The only danger in the black algae comes from thebacteria it might invite into the water through its waste.Black algae is the most difficult of all types of algae to remove. What methods work on other types of algaeis not going to kill black algae and this is what makes pool black algae removal such a challenge. Even if youvacuum, brush, and filter your pool, the pool black algae removal is not going to be complete. Pool black algaeremoval only becomes needed because there has not been enough chlorine in the pool, but even just addingmore chlorine is not effective in pool black algae removal.Pool black algae removal calls for a well-rounded approach. First test the pool water for levels of chlorine,stabilizer, hardness, pH and alkalinity. If your home test kit cannot provide all of this information you can takea water sample to your local pool store that will test it for free. Explain to them that you are doing a pool blackalgae removal so that they can offer you advice based on the condition you your water.The next part of your pool black algae removal is to adjust your pool water. Some people think that when doinga pool black algae removal they should add too much chemicals, but that is not an effective method of poolblack algae removal. Instead, make sure that your adjustments leave the pool water with the right balance.For effective pool black algae removal you have to use an algaecide. An algaecide is necessary for pool blackalgae removal because black algae is quite resistant to chlorine. Be sure to use an algaecide in your pool blackalgae removal that is copper based.Continue your pool black algae removal by giving the pool a shock treatment. Then brush the walls where theblack algae is in order to break its protective layer. Be sure to use a good hard brush. Make sure that your poolwater has good circulation. Pool black algae removal is a process that you may have to repeat until there is nomore growth.For more information on Algae Removal, including other interesting and informative articles and photos, pleaseclick on this link: Pool Black Algae Removal

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