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Narrative Structure And Conventions Of 3 Horror Movies

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Narrative Structure And Conventions Of 3 Horror Movies

  • 1. Psycho (1960) Orphan(2009) Wrong Turn (2003)Genre Conventions (Locations, Genre:Mystery thriller. Genre:Mystery, thriller Genre:Thriller/ body horrorcharacters, props etc…) Characters: Loved up couple, Happy family, Innocent victims, Location:Forest, dark wood, Innocent victim, Policemen, Nun plays the part of a helper, isolated Psychotic killer. and tries to help the family Character: One couple and 4 Props: Knife, car, dead animals. research the orphan, The killer friends Location: Empty house, big/ is, young, childlike feature, Props:Vehicle (car), barbed derelict, haunted house. appear innocent. wire to create a tramped effect, Plot:Sam risks his life for the Props: childish clothing (old all wore casual clothing. girl he loves, along with her fashioned), chocker around her Plot:6 people are tramped in sister. neck, she uses weapons such as the woods and then hunted knifes, stones. down by cannibalistic men who Location:Modern house, next are disfigured from inbreeding. to a lake and a field. Plots:The deaf child acts as the helpers; she kills the orphan and saves her mums life. The dad acts as a non-believer.Narrative (Equilibrium) Psycho follows the three acts Orphan like psycho follows the Wrong turn like many other structure (TzvetanTodorov). three acts structure films follows the three act Innocent woman is fleeing (TzvetanTodorov) structure (Tzvetantodorov) because she has stolen money. Family adopts a child Man takes a wrong turn in the A man falls in love with her at a She becomes disruptive road, he becomes trapped with hotel and kills her. Her records are nowhere to be another people Family try to investigate, and found so the family begin to Go in to a isolated cabin, a hind several of them become victims become concerned human bodies Its reviled that the killer is the The orphan manipulates the The cannibal men come turn up hotel owner dressed as his family and ruins the happy at the cabin to collect the mum family balance. bodies (the trapped men wereShanice.S©
  • 2. He is in a metal institute The daughter tries to receive a hiding) lot of affection from the farther Cannibal men chased them, figure and is rejected one dies and the others This causes her to go on a escaped, slowly they were killing rampage captured and one was killed. The mother and one daughter Two people survived survive.Claude Levi-Strauss Opposition is seen in psycho as Binary opposition is used in Someone who first appears to(Binary oppositions) the main character has two Orphan because there is a good be helpful, is actually in cahoots personality, one which is sweet, Vs. evil plot the main character with the cannibals, and caused the other a murderer is both innocent child and a 30 the whole disruption. year old killerShanice.S©

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