Africa’s Silicon Savannah
Nairobi, which means in Maasai "the place of cool waters", the only place in the
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Nairobi - Africa's Silicon Savannah

Seedstars World gives an overview of the Kenyan startup ecosystem. During the worldwide startup competition, the Seedstars World travelled through 20 countries, focusing on the fast growing startup scene and the emerging markets, to select the best startups of the world.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nairobi - Africa's Silicon Savannah

  • 1. NAIROBI Africa’s Silicon Savannah Nairobi, which means in Maasai "the place of cool waters", the only place in the world to have a safari in the city is not only the most prominent city in Africa both politically and financially, but also a window on the future. Kenya leapfroged landlines and mobile payment has become a day-to-day commodity. Kenya: 44M inhabitants Nairobi: 3.3M inhabitants Kenya 69 local languages / Two official: English and Swahili iGDP WEF (contribution of internet to GDP) 54 2.3% USA Sweden (5th in the African continent) 96th 5.1% 6.3% Kenya startups on Angel list 3.3% 8400 millonaires in the world Global Competitiveness Index Average annual growth of services in economy 62% MARKET 31% of GDP in Kenya For every 100 Kenyan…. have smartphones Economic growth over the last 3 years 4.5% is processed through M-Pesa (mobile-phone based money transfer) 71% of internet-enabled mobile phones users buy online 31 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1 78 Kenya Top 3 trends in the tech market more than -0.2% 50% of internet users use it for EU Percentage market cap (as part of GDP) 50% 39.6% have mobile phones Games 40 30 41 20 10 EU 96th are online growing Kenya 75% annually 99% Mobile data contributes of total internet subscriptions 89th in the world for Technology readiness (WEF) in the world for quality of its infrastructures (WEF) Music 16.2M 50 0 of population aged below 24 Smartphone users 13% Kenyan students have laptops 1.8 million Facebook users Upcoming project: Konza Technopolis project - 9.7 billion$ investment - 5000 acres of land 80000 new jobs in 4 years FINANCING $3bn Stock of Direct Foreign investment at home 1212 70th (46.2) Number of BAs / VCs VC and Private Equity attractiveness index Social Media $140.3 million (12 billion Kenyan shilings) Capital invested with public funds into startups in 2012 LOCAL CONTEXT Technology exports Quality of education and human capital scoring by IESE 71.3% 35th 100M USD 100 worldwide for the quality of its education system (IESE) 80 60 44.4% 40 20 Kenya - Business Lounge - Genius Executives - iHub Cost to start a business (% of income per capita) All of Africa 3 major co-working spaces 22M USD 4 major accelerators (88 Mph - Savannah Fund - Sinapsis Group - The Growth Hub). 0 2003 2010 $19,180 per year 38.2% in Kenya 67.4% in Sub-Saharan Africa 2 major incubators (iLab Africa - Mlab) average salary for Rank 74th worldwide in terms of Entrepreneurial Culan IT manager $76,758 in the US ture and Deal Opportunities (IESE) WHO TO FOLLOW Kenyan entrepreneurs to follow Michael Macharia Peter Nduati Njeri Rionge Co-founder of Founder and CEO, Founder & CEO of Resolution Wananchi Group Seven Seas Technologies Group @MikeMachariaSST @PeterNduati @njeririonge Kenyan startups to follow Chris Kirubi Founder of Tiger Haco Industries Mobile commerce network operator @CKirubi Success story Mobile payment platform Kenyan Software firm with over 200 institutional clients in 40 countries spread across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. $50 million market value, annual revenue of $6 million. Has an office in Silicon Valley, one of the very few Kenyan companies to have one Social gaming paltfrom Sources: Global Competitiveness Index (WEF) WorldBank - Bloomberg Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2013 Global Innovation Index 2013 CCK, April, 2013 Seedstars World

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