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Creation Infoways Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leaders in Portal Development Company, best mobile web design, mobile website design company, mobile website development, mobile responsive design for more info please Click :- http://www.creationinfoways.com
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Quick Contact Name Email Id Comments Submit Looking For More ... Our Services >>Application Devlopment >>Web Solutions >>SEO services >>Hosting Services >>E-business & Web Drawing inferences from what Web Portal is: A Web Portal is a website that proffers a wide array of information from various sources in a standardized fashion. It can also be transposable with a gateway to a World Wide Web whose rationale is to be a prime starting point where user can connect to the Web. By and large every information source has been devoting a portion for exhibiting information which the user can configure as per their fancy. Web portals also offer services such as forums, emails, news, e- shopping, stock prices, databases and entertainment which are apart from the standard search engine features. Web portal design services embrace real estate portal development, travel portal development, B2B (Business to Business) portals, B2C (Business to Consumer) portals, Portal Maintenance and eCommerce portal development. Thus, Web Portal Development is a multi-aspect action that engrosses expertise at many levels whether it is architecture design, DB planning, GUI design, middle tier integration or coding. A portal well implemented, create a brand for its owner and turns into a famous gateway for the users across the World Wide Web. Types of web portals/ and solutions provided by web portals There are two types of portals: general and specialized or niche. Some significant general portals contain CNET, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. Some niche portals that are available to the public include Fool.com (for investors), DPReview.com (for photographers), and Garden.com (for gardeners). Private niche portals are used by workers of a company. Companies like MasterCard and IBM use portals to facilitate to circulate information to their employees in an appropriate and competent manner. Solutions provided by web portals: Enterprise Portals Social Networks and Communities B2C and B2B eCommerce Portals Application/Web Services Portals Job Portal Matrimonial Portal Travel Portal Real Estate Portal Yellow Pages/ Web Directory Development Can we do without web portals? The system can be fixed to flag any remote data, permitting an operator to recognize problems which need urgent concentration. The web portal is an influential management tool which can make data analysis simple. Securely stockpiled on one database, clients are competent to process view trends, graph changes, and data that are related to different sites. Old data can be extorted and viewed with easiness. Points to ponder: Before we begin the process of planning and implementing a portal, keep the following guidelines in mind Create components with object-oriented design principles to maximize the opportunity for reuse. Must not write Java code in JSP. Understand the customer’s problem. Understand the Portal solution concept, this will maximize flexibility of the solution and increase platform independence. dence. Avoid making default portals user-customizable. Create a default page using custom portals and persistence based on a key comprising the page, portals, and user ID to allow for a default page. Avoid using public sessions. At the commencement of a Portal effort, a clear definition of achievement and measurement criteria is critical. Clear definitions of the targets, functions, and assessable success criteria will facilitate lead to a successful endeavor. Presented business rules should be appraised and changed to fit into the user experience. To overcome these problems you need help from the experts and now we at Creation are always presented at your service. We proffer an ample range of portal development services with modern technologies that ABOUT US PORTFOLIO OUR SERVICES CAREERS CONTACT US converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  • 2. guarantee exclusiveness in design, development, testing and consumption of web portal. We possess a team of innovative professionals to deliver custom portal development. With our highly proficient technicians, we are able to manage your portal development successfully!! ISO Certified Company Home About Us Our Service Our Portfolio Services Windows Hosting Mobile Application Software Testing WebSEO Link Exchange Follow Us Creation team around the social web services. Contact Us India : +91 9910002006 UK : +44-20-81236136 USA : +1 315 2772528 support@creationinfoways.com converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

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