My genre for my music magazine is teenage pop. I have chosen this through the already establishedmagazines like, we love p...
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Pop mag annotation.

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Pop mag annotation.

  • 1. My genre for my music magazine is teenage pop. I have chosen this through the already establishedmagazines like, we love pop and top of the pops. Each of the magazine s hold the same conventionsin which I should follow to correctly target the audience. Both of the colour schemes are the same. They use a really girly pick as their main colour to attractthe target audience. Pink could suggest love for the music but also that the music is lively young andfresh. The other colours in the magazine are quite neutral like blues and white. This is so that thecolours do not contrast with pink. The colour blue is an aqua blue so that it is relaxed and could showthe contrast between male and female artists. The we love pop magazine mainly uses white. Thiscould show the emphasis of the words and the cover image rather than the background. This showsthe order of importance throughout the magazine. The cover images on both of the magazines are current artists that either have a story or are currentin the charts. This will give the magazine a USP and will give the magazine a purpose for people tobuy it. The magazine will use popular figures to attract the teenage audience as the magazine ispredominantly gossip, so it will give the audience an incentive to buy if they are the first to hearabout the gossip. Also the magazine could suggest that the music speaks for itself but also allowingteenagers to have their own interpretations of the music and the magazine.The language that the magazine will use is mainly informal and slang. This is because it has to capturethe audience and will have to written in a form that the target market will be able to understand. Ifthe language was all formal and grammatically correct the target market would think it is a chore thatthey are reading the magazine and they will not buy the magazine.The magazines are both quite cluttered. This is so that the magazine looks busy and will thereforeattract a younger audience as there is more to read than the average magazine. It will also attractthem as they will have a brief outline of most of the stories in the magazine. It also makes themagazine look less formal and more exciting, incising the audience to buy the magazine.The magazine uses lots of puffs and side paragraphs. This is so that the magazine will entice theaudience and make them get more excited by the latest gossip but the more puffs the magazine hasthe better as it makes the magazine seem like it has more gossip than its competitors.

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