Nandos “It’s Okay” Advert Analysis
The first advert I looked at during my analyses was the Nandos “Its Okay” radio ad. Ov...
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Nando's Radio Advert Analysis

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nando's Radio Advert Analysis

  • 1. Nandos “It’s Okay” Advert Analysis The first advert I looked at during my analyses was the Nandos “Its Okay” radio ad. Overall I thought the advert was really annoying and broad. It kind of got to me how the main person that spoke throughout the ad was speaking with a Mexican accent… But Nandos is Portuguese. I don’t know whether that was the actual point or what but it was just irritating. The adverts style was definitely humorous, the creator and person featuring thought they were obviously too funny. You could tell this by the way he was so upfront and really over exaggerating what he was saying, obviously it is pretty much an act but adverts like that seriously make me cringe. Just like most other adverts it was around 30 seconds long and it’s safe to say they got their point across in that time. The overall message was just basically to visit Nandos just like every other promotional, sales advert. Throughout the advert it pretty much said that it is okay what you like because Nandos sells a variety of different things even though you would just think it’s all chicken. That’s where the Humour came in by justifying things you may do. That was probably the main slogan “It’s Okay” it constantly said it throughout. The main feature spoke in quite an exciting/jokey manner. It was like stereotypical Mexican. I would think Mexicans could take offence by the way it is and something which were mentioned. Like one like said “it’s okay if your eyebrows meet in the middle, like my sisters”. I would say “Its Okay” featured more times within the ad than the word Nandos its self. Overall within the advert the word “Nandos” was mentioned 3 times. And unlike some promo ads there was no contact details mentioned. You couldn’t really mention details like that though in the way that there is Nandos restaurants everywhere! So it isn’t going to mention every single address, it wouldn’t work and would obviously take way too long! Overall I would say that the advert is very catchy but it is also very annoying. Because it was a little jokey and blatantly humorous people, more likely children would laugh at some of the things mentioned within the ad. Nandos is generally busy all the time so the advert obviously helps promote them. I suppose it is an okay advert but my opinion is that’s it’s just irritating. When I checked the Radio Copy Guidelines for the Legal and Ethical side of things I thought that this advert overstepped the mark slightly with certain things included in the advert. For example Accents, if accents are used in a stereotypical way then the advertisers can get into trouble. Now I think that the advert was very stereo typical to Mexicans in the way it pretty much said every Mexican has a mono-brow. And the voice had an incredibly over exaggerated Mexican accent. There are other categories like Racial Discrimination and Racial Minorities like I mentioned above I believe the fact it stereotypes Mexicans to be quite a serious not funny matter. But the guidelines didn’t see it as a problem or the advert would have had to change.

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