ACT Aspire raw scores are also transmuted into percentile
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Press release test what you teach

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. ACT Aspire raw scores are also transmuted into percentile scores to compare the relative standing of a student with other students in the same grade in the national reference group. A percentile rank of seventy-fifth (75th) means that for a particular subtest, the student performed as well as or better than seventy-five percent (75%) of the students in the reference group. GDOE administered the ACT Aspire among students in Grades 3-10 for the following: English, Reading, and Math. Guam Standards-based Assessments (SBA) Test The SBA is a locally-developed test based off the Guam Content Standards in Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Guam educators created the test with the technical assistance of the Pacific Resource for Education and Learning (PREL). After a pilot test in 2014, GDOE administered the SBA in spring 2015. The Standards-based Assessment has the following four performance levels: • ADVANCED - superior performance beyond grade-level mastery • PROFICIENT - students are prepared for the next grade • BASIC - indicates partial mastery • BELOW BASIC - little or no mastery In addition to the subjects tested GDOE for the first time developed and administered a district wide summative test in Guam History. High school students enrolled in Guam History took this test in Spring 2015. Why Standards-based Assessments? In Spring 2015, the GDOE administered the districtwide standards-based summative tests because we want it know if, and to what degree students are making progress towards explicit learning goals. These learning goals are reflective of the learning standards outlined in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) adopted by the Guam Education Board in 2012. The CCSS is a set of high quality academic standards that ensure all students are ready for success after high school through clear, consistent guidelines for what every student should know and be able to do. With the districtwide implementation of the CCSS in Guam public schools, the Department adopted standards-based assessment summative tests to ensure that we test what we teach. These are the (1) ACT Aspire test that is aligned with the Common Core and (2) the locally developed standards- based assessment (SBA) test which is aligned with the Guam Content Standards. ACT Aspire The Act Aspire is a vertically-scaled and benchmarked system of standards-based assessment that can be used to track progress towards the Common Core State Standards and the ACT College Readiness Standards. Vertically-scaled test allows the comparison of proficiency through the grades along the same standards by utilizing test items that become increasingly difficult in higher grades. Scores in ACT Aspire are expressed in scaled scores and percentile scores, A student’s raw score is transmitted into three-digit scale score that provides a common language and metric for discussing student achievement over time as the student progresses from grade to grade. Scale scores are organized into ranges based on the grade level and subject tested and classified according to the following proficiency levels: • READY - Students met the ACT Readiness Benchmark and are on target for 50% or higher likelihood of college course success by Grade 11 • CLOSE - scored below but near the ACT Readiness Benchmark • IN NEED OF SUPPORT - scored substantially below the ACT Readiness Benchmark COMPREHENSIVE STUDENT ASSESSMENT SYSTEM (CSAS) GUAM DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Jon J.P. Fernandez Superintendent of Education STANDARDS-BASED ASSESSMENT “TEST WHAT YOU TEACH” For more information please contact Guam Department of Education, Research, Planning, and Evaluation (RP&E) Division Tel: (671) 300-1241/44 • Email: Guam Department of Education SY 2014-2015