Matthew E. Russell Foundation Announces ‘Change
the World Again Atlanta’ Campaign
Atlanta Changed the World Once in 1996, ...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Matthew E. Russell Foundation Announces ‘Change the World Again Atlanta’ Campaign Atlanta Changed the World Once in 1996, Let’s Do it Again Now. Atlanta, January 14, 2016: In 1987, when Billy Payne started to suggest that Atlanta should host the Olympics in 1996, people thought he was misguided and simply unrealistic. A few years later, through his hard work, determination and consensus-building, Atlanta became one of the final candidates to become an Olympic city. Then, in September of 1990, it was announced that Atlanta had won the bid. It all started with a dream. Now, Atlanta has another opportunity to change the world. Improving global literacy is the most sustainable, long term way to improve global poverty. Most reasonable people know that, but most do not know how they can make a difference. Now, from right here in Atlanta, there comes an answer: The Matthew E. Russell Foundation. The Matthew E. Russell Foundation’s mission is to provide an educationally enriched environment where children have access to advanced technology in order to facilitate higher education and learning. To address the challenge of global literacy, The Matthew E. Russell Foundation makes traditional books and e- books more accessible to students in schools in the rural areas of Africa by building libraries on an annual basis. The foundation honors Matthew Russell, who passed away in 2011 during one of these trips to Africa. His passion for global literacy and turning ideas to action has allowed this foundation to advance each year since then. The foundation has built libraries every year in the last decade. Now, it’s a chance for the Atlanta community to change the world again. We are asking the Atlanta community; anyone from business leaders, our media, citizens & religious leaders: Are you driven by a cause of improving education globally? Are you passionate about improving education and poverty rates? Do you enjoy being part of a small, but growing non-profit with a higher mission and purpose? If so, The Foundation is hosting a launch party for the ‘Change the World Again Atlanta’ campaign on Thursday, April 21, 2016. Please visit the web site and register to attend at PRESS RELEASE, JANUARY 2016 THE MATTHEW E. RUSSELL FOUNDATION (678) 234-1798 885 WOODSTOCK ROAD SUITE 430-#155 ROSWELL, GA 30075 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE MATTHEW E. RUSSELL FOUNDATION MATTHEW E. RUSSELL FOUNDATION

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