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Published on: Mar 4, 2016


  • 1. ************************************************************************** PRESS INFORMATION ************************************************************************** Clicker 5 now available for Macintosh OS X Crick Software is pleased to announce the launch of the Macintosh version of Clicker 5. Clicker is an award-winning and highly acclaimed writing and multimedia tool for pupils of all ages and abilities. Used on over 70,000 computers, version 5 has been completely rewritten, and builds on the tried-and-tested success of Clicker, using the latest technology to make the program even easier to use. Clicker 5 utilizes many of the Mac qualities, with easily integrated digital photos, MP3 files, and QuickTime movies. A brand new speech engine gives the software extremely natural- sounding speech, and images from the new picture library look great on a Macintosh screen. Close integration with Crick’s popular LearningGrids website enables teachers to access free online curriculum materials directly within Clicker 5. For students with physical disabilities, Clicker 5 is fully accessible – switch users can now even create their own talking books, including the recording of their own sounds. Alongside the Mac release of Clicker 5 come a number of Clicker 5 enhanced resources, including the award-winning Planet Wobble and Find Out and Write About series. Clicker 5 has been very well received, with a number of Local Authorities making authority- wide purchases for all of their schools. Many schools have also upgraded directly and in the first year of release, over 50,000 licences are already being used in UK schools. Press Contact: Lina Howarth at Crick Software Email: lina.howarth@cricksoft.com Tel: 01604 671691

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