Prevage Reviews<br />Prevage is a well known product of a big cosmetic company called Allergan. The product claims to smoo...
Prevage Reviews
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Prevage Reviews

PREVAGE Face provides significant benefits to protect and correct the look of skin, helping shield skin from environmental assaults, intercept future aging signs and dramatically improve the look of sun damaged skin.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Prevage Reviews<br />Prevage is a well known product of a big cosmetic company called Allergan. The product claims to smooth the skin and its complexion by removing wrinkles and fine lines. The anti aging cream right0is available on prescription and its details are available in Prevage reviews online. Check out the specialist Prevage review and if it works as good as claimed by the company.<br />About Prevage<br />A line of products by Allergan is Prevage. Allergan is a big cosmetic firm and the company is also manufacturing Botox. However, Prevage can be bought only for tropical treatment and thus only on a dermatologist's prescription, it is available.<br />The product acts as an antioxidant and works on the overall texture of the skin. Even the environmental damages like damage from pollution are also looked after by the product. Wrinkles start forming after a certain age because of collagens which are taken care by the product bringing back the same rejuvenated skin as you used to have earlier.<br />How to apply?<br />Application of Prevage cream is highly simple. All you need to do is to apply a thin layer of the cream over your facial and neck skin in circular direction. In the neck move your fingers upward so that the skin does not go loose. Rub gently till the cream is completely absorbed by the skin and just have a good night's sleep. When you will wake up the next morning, you will find a glowing skin. However, the results would not be achieved overnight and it would take at least a month to show results when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles.<br />Expected Results<br />Purified water and glycerine are the two major components present in the products and if Prevage reviews are to be believed, it has Idebenone as an antioxidant which makes the skin look beautiful. The antioxidant offers the skin with EPF or the Environmental Protection Factor which is very important looking at the lifestyle we are leading these days. Prevage review has rated EPF as 95/100 as it has an incredible ability to neutralize the free radical and this way protect the skin from any kind of outer damages which together leads to reduction in wrinkles.<br />The product offers clinical trial on 18 people and showed how the antioxidant in the product as a major ingredient is helpful in showing the best results in hardly anytime. Still, not much scientific information is not provided in the official website to support the safety and effectiveness of the cream. This makes the consumers stuck in dilemma.<br />To improve the skin texture, the cream contains Coenzyme Q10. Although one would find this ingredient in almost all anti aging products yet it is highly effective.<br />Overall Impression<br />The most exemplary part about this product is that is employs antioxidant as a major ingredient that aids in making skin complexion beautiful and heals the fine lines on a long run. But since there is not much scientific backing to the product not many people trust the product. Also, in order to buy this product, one has to consult a dermatologist whose prescription is required to buy the product.<br />Thus, on the whole, it can be inferred that the product has capabilities to aid the environmental damages that happen to the skin and lead to further wrinkle damage which is its high point. But one has to be sure about the product prior to buying it so that no side effects are faced. This is so because not many clinical trials are provided by the product on its website.<br />

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