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“Pizza With Writers,” is the newest show. This half hour program that Hotchkiss
shot in his backyard, uses an authentic, o...
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Press Release for PIZZA WITH WRITERS

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release for PIZZA WITH WRITERS

  • 1. “Pizza With Writers” http://adorablepuppiesinc.com/video/pizza_with_writers_-_preview/ Facebook: Pizza With Writers @pizzawithwriter on Twitter @Pizza_With_Writers on Instagram The Muppet Show (ABC)creator, Bob Kushell joinshost, Jon Hotchkiss on “PizzaWith Writers” “The Click Stops Here!” Jon HotchkissUnveils New Indie TV Network Move Over Netflix, Amazon, Hulu … Here is the Newest Player in Online Streaming Los Angeles, 2015 – “The click stops here,” says Emmy nominated writer and veteran TV show runner, Jon Hotchkiss. Hotchkiss has carved out his own, independent digital future with AdorablePuppiesInc.com, a new streaming platform that he calls “Next Gen TV”. http://adorablepuppiesinc.com Placing his bet on success, Jon Hotchkiss’ programs have been created all on his own. Independently funded, his original shows are un-censored and streaming 24/7, commercial free. AdorablePuppiesInc.com currently offers two complete shows via subscription basis with a third show, “Pizza With Writers” available for streaming enjoyment during National Pizza Month, October. http://adorablepuppiesinc.com/video/pizza_with_writers_-_teaser/ Hotchkiss prides himself on being able to create original content and distribution without censorship or traditional commercial investment. Hotchkiss says, “These shows are MY adorable puppies and I think that people will love them as much as I do. They in turn will tell others about the shows and share the fun, the same way people often share adorable puppy photos on social media.” Jon Hotchkiss, is a veteran TV writer, show runner & series creator with 14 Emmy nominations and numerous TV credits. He has amassed the latest production gear necessary to create, produce, edit and globally distribute unique, exciting and “network sized” factual entertainment programs. AdorablePuppiesInc.com’s TV shows are crafted with the knowledge and sensibility of a highly respected, Emmy nominated, industry leader.
  • 2. “Pizza With Writers,” is the newest show. This half hour program that Hotchkiss shot in his backyard, uses an authentic, old-world wood fired pizza oven as a set. The first episode features Hotchkiss cooking and talking with “The Muppet Show” (ABC TV) co-creator Bob Kushell. For pop-culture fans, “Pizza With Writers” offers a unique opportunity to meet the talented people who create their favorite shows. And for those who demand a deeper dive, the show also provides an insiders look at the writing and creative process. The only thing traditional about this series is that there are 13- episodes. Future episodes feature writers from tried and true rating winners including: Chris McGuire (Head Writer, Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber Roast), Jay Kogen (The Simpsons and School of Rock (Nickelodeon), Jordanna Arkin (co-creator, Star vs The Forces of Evil), Kayden Kross (NY Times, Salon, Slate, Vice), Marc Guggenheim (creator, Arrow (WB) and Legends of Tomorrow (WB), Mark DeCarlo (Host, more than 1000 hours of TV), Ned Rice (The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Real Time With Bill Maher), Nick Malis (Head Writer, Tosh.0), Ray James (Family Guy), Rob Kutner (Conan (TBS) and The Daily Show With Jon Stewart), Steve Hofstetter (comedian, 30 million+ YouTube views), Tess Rafferty (@midnight and The Soup). Other TV programs exclusively distributed on Hotchkiss’ new content delivery platform, Adorable Puppies, Inc., include the 100% independently produced series, “This Vs. That” and “Get Sexxx Tonight.” “This Vs. That” stars Brad Sherwood (“Whose Line is It Anyway”) with Chris Tallman (“Reno: 911) and Mark DeCarlo (famed TV host). Hotchkiss’ informational show “Get Sexxx Tonight” stars Kayden Kross, and has been described as “The Daily Show meets “Masters of Sex.” Along with being 100% independent, the content on Adorable Puppies, Inc. is also 100% uncensored and 100% commercial free. It’s thanks to this independence, which is unprecedented in the TV business, that Mr. Hotchkiss is able to offer viewers a unique premium experience. According to Hotchkiss, “this is only possible when TV creators are NOT beholden to antiquated broadcast standards or timid advertiser sensibilities.” SUBSCRIPTION RATE: $1.99 for one series /$3.99 for all three series PIZZA WITH WRITERS, THIS VS. THAT and GET SEXXX TONIGHT AdorablePuppiesInc (API), will donate 20% of all sales to local animal charities. All shows are created, directed, written and distributed by television executive Jon Hotchkiss at his studio located in Sherman Oaks, CA. Mr. Hotchkiss’ credits also include: “The Truth About Sex,” (Playboy TV), “Invasion of the X-Mas Lights,” (TLC), “My Dad is Better Than Your Dad” (NBC), and “Punkin Chunkin” (Science). Jon also ran the series “Bullshit with Penn & Teller,” wrote for Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) and for five years, was one of the original writers on “Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher.” ### Passionate, articulate and knowledgeable aboutthe subjectmatter, Jon Hotchkissis available for interview. Contact details: Valerie Allen Public Relations and Roz@RozWolfPR.com Talk/Text 310-382-7800 818 522 7948 Valerie@ValerieAllenPR.com

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