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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This Manual on the New Government Accounting System (NGAS) for use by the national government agencies is a product of the initiative and thrust of the new leadership under COA Chairman Guillermo N. Carague to simplify and conform the country’s government accounting system to international standards. As Chairman of the Steering committee created for the purpose, his Vice-Chairmen, Commissioners Raul C. Flores, Jr. and Emmanuel M. Dalman, and the following Committee members duly support his efforts: Assistant Commissioners : Francisco B. Escarda Emma M. Espina Sofronio L. Flores, Jr. Jorge H. L. Perez Directors : Flerida V. Creencia Arcadio B. Cuenco, Jr. Lourdes B. Dimapilis Juanito G. Espino, Jr. Felicitas C. Ona Assistant Directors : Rosemarie L. Lerio Cornelia L. Ramos A lot of hard work, untiring efforts and unselfish dedication have been put into the preparation of the Manual by the Working Group from the Accountancy Office headed by Director Felicitas C. Ona who gave preferential attention to the review of the draft manual and supported the Group all the way. The members of the Working Group are the following: Team Leader : Ms. Marietta M. Lorenzo, State Auditor V (now Director III) Co-Team Leader : Ms. Cecilia B. Camon, State Auditor V Members : Ms. Juanita B. Abe, State Auditor V Ms. Elena B. Monteza, State Auditor V Mr. Perlegio S. Paderes, State Auditor V Ms. Estela dela Paz, State Auditor V Ms. Corazon A. Saldivar, State Auditor V Ms. Emelita V. Cayetano, State Auditor IV Ms. Annabelle A. Puserio, State Auditor IV Ms. Carmen Z. Zafe, State Auditor IV Mr. Romeo C. Cruz, State Auditor III Ms. Wilhelmina A. Maghari, State Auditor III Ms. Annabella P. Gabiran, State Auditor II Ms. Arcyl G. Guervarra, State Auditor I Ms. Cristina C. Gungon, State Auditor I Administrative Staff: Ms. Rufa L. Gunabe, Process Server We also acknowledge the assistance extended by other national government agencies, the Department of Budget and Management, the Bureau of the Treasury, and COA Officials and State Auditors who gave their comments/recommendations and in one way or another, contributed to the completion of this Manual.

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