Bellwether was founded in spring 2010 by four leaders in the education reform sector. Eachfounder leads one of the main ar...
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Named Internship Profile Summary - James Lee (Rosenwald)

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Named Internship Profile Summary - James Lee (Rosenwald)

  • 1. [MR. E. JOHN ROSENWALD JR. ’52 PUBLIC AFFAIRS INTERNSHIP FUND INTERN PROFILE] James Lee ’13 is from Fairfax, Virginia and graduated from Fairfax High School. During high school, he served as the New Media Intern for Mark Warner’s senatorial campaign. Through the Tucker Foundation’s Dartmouth Partners in Community Service program, James worked as a middle school teacher summer 2010 with Breakthrough Collaborative teaching eighth grade algebra and a journalism elective in Philadelphia, PA. On campus, he is active on the business section of The Dartmouth, the nations oldest college newspaper. He is active in the Tucker Foundation’s educational outreach programs volunteering with America Reads and Let’s Get Ready. He worked summer 2011 at the Foundation as the Student Director for Fellowships and Internships helping to coordinateand manage the Tucker Fellows and Dartmouth Partners in Community Service Internshipprograms. James is a Government and Geography double major and a Studio Art minor.James was funded by The Rockefeller Center for a Fall 2011 Internship, with generous supportfrom the Mr. E. John Rosenwald Jr. ’52 Public Affairs Internship Fund.Executive Summary from James’ final report:Bellwether Education Partners is an education non-profit focusing on capacity building for othereducation organizations, including, but not limited to, school districts, charter management organizations, education services providers, and philanthropic “I now know that I want to foundations. Their goal is to close the achievement gap facing pursue a career in low-income students. In order to do this, Bellwether focuses organizational development in four main areas: 1) developing leaders in the education and management with the reform sector, 2) leading executive searches for education eventual goal of leading a organizations, 3) conducting research to shape the policy school, school district, or field, and 4) providing consulting services to create strategic charter organization.” and growth plans and financial models.
  • 2. Bellwether was founded in spring 2010 by four leaders in the education reform sector. Eachfounder leads one of the main areas listed above. Since its beginnings, Bellwether has nowgrown to include 15 team members spread throughout the nation. In order to attract the besttalent in the field, Bellwether operates as a virtual firm with formal offices in Washington, DC,Boston, and San Francisco but has team members in Florida, Chicago, New York, and Oregon.As a research assistant, my job was to provide research support for the Thought Leadership andStrategic Advising teams. I wrote literature reviews on qualities of effective teachers andanother on the use of value-added measures on teacher hiring decisions. For each, I researchedarticles from academic journals, reports and presentations written by other educationorganizations, and legislation and legislative analysis. During my time with Bellwether, I alsohelped to coordinate the logistics of a policy convening where various stakeholders discussedthe educational implications within the context of the 2012 elections. I participated in clientinterviews, analyzed survey results, and created PowerPoint presentations for clients for theStrategic Advising team as well.The research required of the internship taught me how to quickly extract the main points ofacademic articles that will be helpful in my academic endeavors. The overall knowledge gainedregarding the education reform field has helped shape my future career goals. James with his colleagues during his internship at the Bellwether Education Partners in Fall 2011. 2