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Preston Hamby_Resume

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. 368 Players Ridge Rd  Hickory NC 28601  (828)244-3914  rhamby@uncc.edu Education _______________________________________________________________________________________________ University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte NC May 2016 o Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering o Minor in Mathematics o Major GPA: 3.0/4.0 Research ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Device for Ruling on Freeform Optical Surfaces o Designed, Developed, and Produced a Device for the Production of Ruling Lines on a Freeform Optical Surface. o Presented weekly reports with group members as project lead while developing crucial communication skills. o Time management successfully used 8 weeks to complete project, going above and beyond the scope of the project in order to produce results leading to the potential of next level project. o Independent research skill development leading to the potential of successful outcome o Communication with suppliers, faculty, external resources in professional environment Engineering Projects _____________________________________________________________________________________ Mobile Robotic Crane (Junior Design) o Utilized PTC Creo to fully design and develop a working model of a mobile robotic crane o Presented design schematics with all calculation necessary for building o Constructed full reports of project plan, memos, design package, bill of material, and calculations o Machined working robotic using lathe, sander, grinder, drill press, and milling equipment o Effectively communicated and participated in team while working 3 jobs Air Powered Engine (Sophomore Design) o Machined air powered engine for competition by reading PTC Creo schematics o First place for best accuracy and precision of engine with milling and tooling equipment o First place in competition for fastest engine Mouse Trap Race Car (Introduction to Engineering) o Designed and built Mousetrap powered race car with specific design constraints o Developed fully reports of BOM o Achieved all objects receiving first place Skills Summary __________________________________________________________________________________  Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)  Precitech (Diamond turning machine)  HASS (CNC Machine)  G and M Code  Tooling Equipment (Lathe, Smithy)  Kistler Dynamometer  Computing language-MATLAB  Parametric Software (Creo & Solid Works)  Thermal Analysis  Instron Tensile Test  Time Management, Extreme Organization  Flexure and Machine Design  Heavy Equipment (Forklift, Order Picker)  Grinder, Belt Sander, Band Saws, Drill Press, Vertical saw  All Microsoft software  Error Budget, Report Writing, Purchasing Requisite, Bill of Materials Report  Wilkson Series 2000 Hardness Testing Employment History _____________________________________________________________________________ Model, Machicao Couture, Charlotte, NC August 2014 – Present o Time management to successfully work 3 jobs with 6 core engineering classes o Developed professional presentation skills with knowledge of professional attire and communication Delivery Coordinator/Driver, Home Depot Charlotte NC May 2014- September 2014 o Coordinated scheduling of sending and receiving of large merchandise with outside company o Precise operated of forklift, order picker, horizontal band saw, vertical saw o Delivered high end merchandise to customer personal residence Chef, Crown Commons October 2013-September 2014 o Successfully communicated scheduling between 2 other jobs with 6 core engineering classes Hiring Manager, Auto Spa – Hickory, NC January 2008- August 2010 o Promoted to Hiring Manager/Bay Manager o Head of customer satisfaction. Responsible for 25 % Increase of Business. Personal Achievements ___________________________________________________________________________________ ♦ Earned the rank of black belt in Heishin Bushido Karate March 2011 ♦ Earned desk space as undergraduate research assistant August 2015

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